With summer finally here, we can look forward to warm weather, day drinking, beach days, and fresh watermelon. However, one unpleasant consequence of the summer heat is the dreaded smell of sweat.

There are a few factors contribute to the odor we emit from our bodies. Just like eye and hair color, genetics determines your natural smell that comes from oil and sweat glands. In addition, the activity of bacteria on our skin that causes us to smell changes as we get older. 

The final agent that provides our sweat the odor that it does, is the food we eat. People do not realize the impact certain foods have on the way we smell. Although we cannot alter the biological components that make our sweat smell the way it does, we can control what we put into our body. 

Red Meat

And the number cause of smelly sweat is... red meat! This is due to the fact that it takes a while to digest. The first consequence of its slow digestion is that the meat ends up rotting during the digestive process.

Amino acids found in meat leave residue in your intestines that must be broken down by intestinal enzymes. Then, they combine with your skin's natural bacteria to produce a foul smelling body odor.

Another consequence is that your body must work hard to break red meat down, so this results in sweat glands perspiring more than usual.


Although it's a great time when in your system, alcohol doesn't smell so great on its way out. Whether it's beer, wine or liquor it all has the same effect on your body odor.

Since only 90% of your alcoholic beverage gets metabolized into acetic acid, the other 10% must escape in other ways. A primary way out is through your pores as it moves through your blood. 


Everyone emphasizes how important it is to eat your vegetables but little do they know that it makes your sweat stink. Veggies such as broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, and brussels sprouts contain sulfur. This substance naturally has a foul scent and will make your perspiration smell even more as it is secreted.

Spicy Foods

Similar to broccoli, spicy foods contain health benefits like boosting your metabolism. On the other hand, these foods also are made up of sulfur. Eat them in moderation to avoid stinking up the room during this hot summer.

Junk Food

Junk food is one thing we can confidently insist you cut out of your diet in order to deodorize your body. Processed foods and candy lack chlorophyll, a component that helps the body smell good. Replace junk with fruits and green veggies to ensure your scent will be sweet.


Allicin, which is found in a sulfur compound called allin, is released as garlic is cut, crushed, diced, minced or during whatever technique you choose. The most important thing to note is that after allicin is consumed, it converts to other substances that combine with bacteria making your sweat smelly.

Curry & Cumin

Curry and cumin have a distinct scent while food is both on your plate and in your body. It is definitely safe to say it smells a lot better when you aren't sweating it out though. Sometimes, the aroma of curry and cumin spices doesn't escape from stinking up your pores until a few days after consumption. 

Foods Rich in Choline 

Eggs, liver, and fish all contain a nutrient called choline. It's similar to B vitamins and can be used to help treat liver diseases, prevent depression, and lower cholesterol. There is a catch though. One thing no one tells you about choline is that it aids in making your body's odor smell fishy. Limit your choline intake to steer clear of getting confused for an ocean.

There are negative and positive consequences of almost every food we put into our body. Too much of anything isn't good for you and too little of it isn't healthy either. A balanced diet is the key to avoid having your sweat stink up wherever you happen to be this summer.