I usually take my lunch to-go whenever I have class or work. I prefer preparing my own lunch since I'm more likely to make healthier options that way. Anything to prevent myself from heading to the first fast food joint I see. Lately, I've noticed I've been packing a lot of tortilla wraps, which aren't bad in moderation, but it gets boring to eat the same thing practically everyday. So, I decided to think about alternative ways to make a wrap.

These wraps are a must-try, especially if you're wanting a gluten-free wrap, a light lunch with fewer carbs and calories, or just simply want to try something new.

Bacon Wrap 

ham, bacon, meat, pork
Saleyka Calvillo

Switching tortillas for bacon gives it a tasty twist. In fact, bacon is actually healthy for you. It's low in carbs and fills you up faster. Who would've known?

Coconut Wrap

pork, beef, meat, chili, chicken, sauce
Saleyka Calvillo

This light and savory wrap is definitely worth trying. These can be made from scratch using coconut flour, but Julian Bakery's coconut wraps can be found at a local store near you or are available for purchase through Amazon.

Lettuce Wrap

salad, chicken
Saleyka Calvillo

Basically a salad, this wrap is perfect for a light lunch to-go. This tastes great with tuna, but can be filled anything you're craving, whether it be hummus, chicken, ham—the possibilities are endless.

Kale Wrap

salad, lettuce, parsley, vegetable, tomato
Saleyka Calvillo

Similar to lettuce, but extremely nutritional, adding kale to a meal can definitely make you feel as though you're making the right healthy decisions.  

Cheese Wrap

bread, cheese
Saleyka Calvillo

Just like a regular tortilla wrap, but with only the fillings. This is ideal for a snack or even a low-calorie lunch. 

Ham/Turkey Wrap

ham, sandwich, cheese, lettuce
Saleyka Calvillo

The opposite of a cheese wrap, this protein wrap can satisfy your deli cravings. Simple and incredibly delicious. 

Egg Wrap

bread, pastry, sweet, ham, cheese
Saleyka Calvillo

Made just like an omelette, these are the way to go for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Breakfast food is always the best meal of the day anyway. 

Blue Corn Tortilla Wrap  

fish, seafood, lettuce, vegetable, salad
Saleyka Calvillo

Although this is a tortilla, the blue corn tortilla contains powerful antioxidants with a lower glycemic index, meaning it won't cause a blood sugar spike like other tortillas, and the antioxidants can protect you from disease. Plus, they're gluten-free. It's a win-win. 

There are a lot of ways you can substitute a tortilla wrap, even by using cauliflower or seaweed. Next time you're thinking about making a wrap, try changing it up a little and you'll be surprised with what you can make using ingredients already in your fridge.