Tucked away amongst the bagged bread in every dining hall are round boxes containing the most versatile carbohydrate with which HUDS could possibly provide us: the tortilla.They can add much-needed zest to those d-hall offerings.

Unfortunately, its unsuspecting appearance (you can’t know that those strange boxes contain anything exciting unless you open them yourself) means that the tortillas are completely underutilized. Here are five ways to show them some lovin’:

Microwave Quesadilla


Photo by Wendy Zhou

Sick of your usual grilled cheese (or unlucky enough to be stuck in Annenberg, without any grilled cheese at all)? Steal some deli-line cheddar, toppings of your choice, and layer up that tortilla. Bonus points if you do it on the rare days that HUDS serves guacamole. Get some creative recipes here.

Salad Wraps


Photo by Nina Lincoff

Why don’t more people do this? Everything tastes better when it looks like a burrito. Just slice up some chicken from your d-hall’s grill and add lettuce, caesar dressing, and other exciting vegetables from the salad bar. Find out how to make your vegetables taste great here.

Organic Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap


Photo courtesy of Personal Creations on Flickr

Feeling healthy? The combination of peanut butter and banana tastes way more thrilling on a smooth, folded-over tortilla than on your usual wheat bread. Plus, if you go organic, your body will appreciate all those healthy fats. Find a recipe for this power lunch here.

Tortilla Pizza


Photo by Haley Durham

Did someone say pizza? That’s right, you standard College Kid. You can make your favorite cheesy pie with just a thin tortilla, a few extra ingredients, and lots of love. Find out how here.

Breakfast Burrito


Photo by Briana Jones

If you wake up early enough to make it to Annenberg, HUDS rewards you by serving the same breakfast food every single day of the week. One way to break this monotony is to create your own Taco Bell breakfast fantasy. Get a killer recipe here.

Homemade Tortilla Chips


Photo by Amanda Gajdosik

Don’t waste your money buying Tostitos anymore. With this simple recipe, some chopped up tortillas, olive oil, and a dash of salt, you’ll be baking your own version in no time. Guacamole, please.

Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla


Photo by Judy Holtz

If you have access to a stove, this is the recipe for you. It takes all the joy of cinnamon toast and turns it into a crispy delight, perfect for breakfast, dessert, or even that special time around 2am when your body tells you it requires butter and sugar.

Craving more ways to break the d-hall monotony? We’ve got your back: