Everybody loves a good breakfast food now and again, and these dishes take a classic breakfast food and transform it into other classic foods from D-Hall. Here are some new takes on old favorites that will have you wishing you could eat waffles all the time. 

1. Waffle Egg Sandwich

Surprisingly enough, smashing two breakfast foods together creates a new, ultimate breakfast food to defy all other breakfast foods. Simply make a waffle in the waffle maker and crack an egg on the DIY station and cook it to your liking. Then choose your cheese or vegetables and assemble into a next level meal. The sweetness of the waffle cuts the saltiness of the eggs, and adding whatever vegetables you prefer gives a burst of freshness that ties the whole dish together.

sandwich, egg, cheese, bread, spinach
Adam Weinreb

2. Waffle Eggs in the Hole

Not everyone has had the chance to experience this combination of eggs cooked in the center of a slice of toast, and if so, this waffle version is a fantastic way to expose yourself to a classic breakfast dish. Make a waffle in the waffle maker, cut a hole out of the center of the waffle, put it on the DIY station, and crack an egg in the hole. Cook to your preference, and eat it up. The twist on a classic adds another layer of flavor to the usual eggs and toast. 

egg, fried egg, egg yolk, bacon
Adam Weinreb

3. Waffle Grilled Cheese

Ever find that you crave a grilled cheese, but want to change it up from the typical routine? Try using a waffle instead of bread. Using the DIY station, you can make a waffle grilled cheese that would challenge any of its competitors. The grid formation of the waffle allows for the cheese to sink in and truly mesh with the waffle, amplifying the cheesiness of the dish. 

egg, waffle, bacon, syrup, cheese, toast, cinnamon, maple syrup
Adam Weinreb

4. Waffle Pizza

Everybody enjoys a good pizza now and then, but making a pizza out of a waffle? Not a thought that crosses many a mind. However, this waffle pizza using the sauce from Semolinas and the DIY station cheese creates a slightly sweeter pizza that will satisfy any tastebuds (especially late on a Friday night). Its quick, its easy, and most importantly, it tastes great, perfect for a meal any time of the day.

bacon, cheese, cheddar, egg
Adam Weinreb

5. Waffle Croutons

If you are looking for a slightly healthier way to get your waffle fix, throwing some crunchy waffle pieces on your salad is the way to go. Making a waffle and putting it once through the toaster creates a crunchy shell that can be chopped up and thrown on a salad to replace your typical croutons. The sweet hint of the waffle complimented by a vinegar based dressing bring out the flavor in each other, and create a legendary salad sure to stir up jealousy in even the salad haters of the world. Even if you hate salad, these croutons will make you a fan in no time. 

chicken, cheese
Adam Weinreb

6. Chicken and Waffles

This is a classic, and I can’t take credit for this one myself, as people have been doing this for years. But it’s a classic, and I could not write this article without including it. All you need is Chicken Finger Friday and a waffle and you’ve got a dynamic sweet and savory duo that can be finished off with hot sauce, syrup, or really whatever condiment you prefer to throw on your meals. 

Adam Weinreb

7. Waffle Sundae

There is a reason the waffle maker sits directly next to the soft serve machine. Adding a swirl of soft serve or a scoop of ice cream on Sundae Sunday can create an unforgettable dessert experience sure to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone. This sweet on sweet combo can (and should) be topped off with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, or chocolate chips to woo your taste buds into true waffle heaven.

cream, ice, ice cream, whipped cream, pie
Adam Weinreb

Next time you go to D-Hall, be sure to spice up your former favorites with a waffle, and use these seven techniques to revolutionize the way you see food.