At first I thought this salad challenge (sallenge? challad?) was a good idea. Eat one salad a day for a week and write about it.

I was inspired by all of the sponsored Snapchat stories of a similar format i.e. "I tried not washing my hair for a month and this happened." Combining that with something that was actually good for me? Genius. I was so proud of myself. That is, until I actually had do go through with it.


salad, arugula, yogurt
Maria Glander

I walked into the dining hall after a long day of school and theater rehearsal. I was starving. And then I remembered. I had to have a salad. I turned my back on the fries and burgers and trudged to the salad bar. 

Disclaimer: Part of the reason I dislike salad is I have no idea how to prepare one. I understand the principle, you put leaves on a plate and put stuff on the leaves, I just can't make a good salad myself. In an effort to boost my mood, I created the little number pictured above. 

This salad doesn't seem particularly adventurous of me. I had "mixed greens" with ranch dressing, carrots, and tomatoes. However, the "mixed greens" included come of those dark-red/purple leaves which I hate. I think they taste bitter.

So yes, at first I picked around them with the tongs at the salad bar, but then I felt bad for being picky, so I added the gross stuff back in. And I ate the whole thing. So I was feeling alright about my challenge that night.


salad, spinach, balsamic
Maria Glander

It was actually pretty good. That Tuesday salad taught me that I feel a lot less like a pet rabbit when my salads have fruits and nuts on top. Good to know.


salad, tacos, chicken
Maria Glander

Well, I tried. I really wasn't in the moods to have another salad, but I was brave. I persevered. I bought a pre-made buffalo and I dumped bleu cheese dressing on it. And I ate it.

My friend who knew about the challenge passed me while I was munching on chicken and cheese and she laughed and said, "That's such a cop out, Becca!" Ok. So maybe it was a cop out. But it was a delicious cop out. And I ate the whole thing. 


Ok. Confession. On Thursday I did not eat a salad. I genuinely completely forgot about my challenge and didn't remember it till I got into the bed at the end of the evening. I'm ashamed. Let's move on.


salad, steak
Maria Glander

A mini salad surrounded by cheese cubes, mashed potatoes, roast beef, and some disappointing Spanish rice. Note the amount of dark leaves I ate. True courage.


berry, blueberry, cream
Maria Glander

 Fruit salad. Fruit salad counts as salad. It has the word "salad" in it. (You obviously didn't read the fine print.)

Anyway, on Saturday I quit. My challenge bested me and I walked away with my tail between my legs. But I don't regret any of it. I learned that I will never truly like salad. At the end of the day, chewing on cold, damp leaves isn't my thing. And you know what? I think I'm ok with that.


tea, coffee, cake
Ruby Siegel

Let's be honest, Sunday doesn't count for anybody. Sunday is International Cheat Day (not really but it should be). So, no, I didn't have salad on Sunday. Sunday is for tea and books. Not salad. Fact. Thus ends my week-long salad challenge. I tried, I failed, I moved on.