So, what should you be munching in order to be on top form for a straight dash to the beach? The following are a handful of easy, go-to snacks that I found incredibly useful during a recent trip and >24-hour flight delay.

1. Peanuts

I shouldn't need to tell you how rich in energy peanuts are, or how they contain monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and protein, but here we are again going over these exact points. Peanuts are easy to eat, fast acting bursts of energy that you can pop into your mouth for an on-the-go recharge.

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Kenalyn Ang

2. Water

Need I say more? Water is the immediate go-to, and for obvious reasons. Yet ,sparkling water is an often overlooked, but hugely beneficial travel buddy. It can relieve an upset stomach, indigestion, and in my experience, even altitude sickness. If you're an avid soda drinker, try going for a bottle of mineral water instead, a choice that can help your short-term and long-term health.

Hydration is key, especially on long haul flights where all your movements are restricted to the space of an airplane seat, which on average are 16.5 inches wide. Plus, they’re projected to continue shrinking in the next few years…

3. Veggie Chips

You want baked and lightly salted, not the puff kind of chips. Although you might love Pirate’s Booty, they’re highly unlikely to fill you up, and they shed crumbs everywhere. Potato or sweet potato slice chips are hearty and serve as a substantial snack. They're ideal when you’re craving salty junk, without being left with either greasy fingers or that oily, salty feeling in your mouth after eating too many greasy potato chips.

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Kenalyn Ang

4. Dark Chocolate

Rather than buying a candy bar at each connecting airport, nibbling on a bar of dark chocolate is a (more) guilt-free way of satisfying your sweet cravings. Again, the dark chocolate doesn’t leave a sugary and often unpleasant aftertaste, or grimy residue on your pearly whites.

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Kenalyn Ang

5. Fruit Snacks

If you’re trying to stay health conscious while traveling, make sure to choose those with no added sugars or juice concentrate. You could also substitute this with freeze dried fruit for an even healthier choice. But for those of us who are just looking for candy or gummies, fruit snacks and ropes are a little healthier than munching on Haribo Gold-Bears.

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Kenalyn Ang

6. Pasta

Pasta is easy to make, easy to eat and easily transformable into a healthy dish. Drizzle with light olive oil and add steamed veggies, for a sufficient meal for when you’re trying to get from one side of a busy airport to the next, or traveling alone and unable to multitask. Pasta can go unrefrigerated for a couple hours, so if ever the next time you end up stuck on a stagnant plane, on a domestic flight with no meal accommodation, a Tupperware of pasta could very well save the day.

Photo by Eaters Collective | Unsplash

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7. Oranges

Oranges are one of the easiest fruits to take when on the go. They don’t bruise too easily like bananas, and you don’t have to worry about getting the exterior dirty, as you’ll be peeling off the skin when you eat it. They’re great for rehydrating and awakening your taste buds after hours of not speaking and stressing.

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Kenalyn Ang

In my opinion, these snacks are some of the easiest and most practical food choices to take while traveling. You'll avoid food and drink with high sugars and prevent any long-lasting aftertastes while you're on the move. Even tea can stain your teeth quickly and easily, and you probably won’t have a time and place to brush your teeth. So, ditch the off-brand potato chips, trail mix and chocolate chip cookies to enjoy a healthier journey.