Dinner parties are great and all, but you know what's even better? Breakfast parties. Not only is breakfast food objectively the best (pancakes, waffles, and French toast, oh my!), but breakfast parties mean that you can be surrounded by all the things that you love (like friends, family, food, and booze) as early as your heart desires. If you're thinking of hosting a breakfast party, maybe to pregame day drinking, and need some tips, here are seven that you ought to know.

PSA: Please drink responsibly! Spoon does not condone excessive consumption and/or underaged drinking.

DO Prep ahead of time

spinach, basil, vegetable, salad, cheese
Meredith Ross

Hosting a get-together is stressful enough, but having to cook everything mere hours before the event is even worse. Since your breakfast party will be in the am, do yourself a favor and prep whatever you can beforehand. For example, you can make freezer-friendly sausage, spinach, and egg muffins and warm them up before your guests arrive. They won't even know that they were sitting in the freezer 30 minutes ago.

DON'T Serve trays of scrambled eggs

egg, chicken, egg yolk, duck
Jocelyn Hsu

Look, I have nothing against eggs. I love a good poached egg like everybody else, but scrambled eggs for a crowd gets a little tricky. According to Chef Nick Korbee, owner of NYC's famous Egg Shop and expert on all things breakfast and eggs, scrambled eggs involved active cook time, so you'll have to miss half of the party to keep on cooking. Plus, eggs cools quickly, and who likes a plate full of cold scrambled eggs? Answer: nobody.

DO Serve breakfast bowls

Korbee, however, would suggest serving breakfast bowls, which are savory, nutrient-rich dishes comprised of superfoods such as eggs, legumes, and sweet potatoes. You can customize your bowls to make them gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan, but my personal favorite combination includes poached eggs, sweet potatoes, avocado, and spinach for a great source of complex carbs, fats, and protein.

DON'T Stress about the decorations

The most important aspects of any great breakfast party are, in order: the company, the food, the ambiance, and the decorations. Sure, you might feel inclined to make your party as IG-worthy as possible, but don't spend hours stressed over DIY Pinterest decor. This should be fun, after all! Keep things simple and classy with nice silverware, good music, and maybe a streamer or two.

DO Include a mix of sweet and savory dishes

Though I have a perpetual sweet tooth that cannot be satiated regardless of how much sugar I consume, some people aren't like that and would not want to eat slice after slice of cannoli-stuffed French toast at a 10 am breakfast pregame (I know, crazy, right?). So, make sure you have options so those that are craving sweets can get their fill, and others that want something more savory can enjoy themselves, too. You can't go wrong with waffles and breakfast sandwiches or pancakes and eggs Benedict.

DON'T Try to make 100 different complicated dishes

Though you should have a variety of dishes to serve up, remember, hosting a breakfast party should be fun and not a source of anxiety. Don't stress about having the fanciest dishes that you can't execute in a timely and realistic fashion. Your guests will understand. Two to three sides and two main courses will surely suffice. The focus should be on quality over quantity.

DO Prioritize your beverage selection

If there's one thing that you should go all out on, that should be your drink selection. Creative, flavored drinks are an easy way to spice up any breakfast party because 1) you can make a huge batch in just a few short minutes and 2) having a drink menu instantaneously makes everything sound 100x fancier. When your guests hear that you're serving sorbet mimosas, blended sangrias, and St. Germain cocktails, they'll be running over to your place in hoards. 

Breakfast is, of course, the most important meal of the day, but it can also be the most fun and social if you have the tools to throw a great breakfast party. Use these tips the next time you're hosting a get-together for a fun, stress-free time.