There are two kinds of people in this world: those that like mayonnaise and those that hate it. I fall under the category of those who don't like the white gooey stuff but I don't mind it in my chicken salad or on a BLT.

The white condiment your mom used to put on your turkey sandwich is loaded with calories and fat. Just one tablespoon is equal to around 100 calories, and 12 grams of fat. But you don't have to waste all those calories on a little sandwich. There are plenty of better substitutes you can use instead of mayo to keep the calories low and the taste of mayo away. 

1. Avocado 

avocado, guacamole, vegetable
Erin Thomas

Avocado is a fatty acid loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. It provides almost a quarter of the calories mayo does, and it tastes much better. Swap your mayo for avocado in chicken salad for a healthy twist, or as a spread on your favorite BLT. 

2. Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt 

cream, milk, dairy product, sweet, coffee
Christina Chin

Greek Yogurt is another way to cut down on those unwanted calories. You can mix it into tuna, chicken salad, or egg salad to give you more of a tangy taste. 

3. Olive Oil 

olive oil, herb, tea, oil, rosemary
Jessica Kelly

Olive Oil is another good fatty acid. It's not the same texture as mayo but will definitely cut back on the calories- if used in moderation. You can add olive oil to your favorite pasta salad or tuna fish.

4. Pesto 

herb, vegetable
Parisa Soraya

Pesto is a traditional Italian sauce made from basil, pine nuts, and olive oil so you'll be getting in another serving of healthy fats here. It's also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals so you can feel good adding it to your favorite sandwiches and salads. You can also get creative and try different versions like kale or avocado pesto. 

5. Mustard 

tea, coffee
Monica Cheng

Opt for mustard on your ham or turkey sandwich instead of mayo whenever you get the chance. Mustard is much lighter on the calories and you have a variety of options from dijon, spicy, and yellow. It might not be the best idea to add it to your egg salad, but a little honey mustard on a chicken salad sandwich is bomb. 

6. Hummus

sweet, hummus, bread, oatmeal
Paige Twombly

Although I wouldn't recommend adding hummus to any of your mayo based salad's, it could be used as a spread for any sandwich. Try it on a grilled veggie wrap or on grilled chicken.

7. Just Mayo

I know what you're thinking, why would you substitute mayo for mayo if the whole point of this article is to nix the mayo? Just Mayo contains no eggs, and has less cholesterol and sodium, making it the healthier option. You can still enjoy your favorite BLT with a healthier taste, or with a twist with one of their flavor varieties. 

If you're not a big fan of mayo like myself, try one of these alternatives. Or if you're just going a health kick these will do just the trick to nix those unwanted calories.