I am a caffeine FIEND. I average three cups of coffee a day, every It's not that I love taste of coffee, but with the amount of work I have, and how late I need to stay up in order to stay on top of everything, coffee = a fact of life. Even worse, my addiction comes with a hefty pricetag. Lattes are not cheap, and the naps I take when the inevitable caffeine induced crash comes often mean I miss texts, calls, and the occasional class.

Luckily, theres a solution: Awake bars. A caffeinated chocolate bar (they also make Awake granola bars if you're all about #health). They're cheaper, portable, have never made me crash, and are for sure worth a try. Still not convinced? Hopefully these seven reasons to eat a bar leave you with a craving only Awake Chocolate can satisfy. 

1. They're cheap

If you're trying to save money but you can't kick the caffeine addiction (and lets be real, who can?), then Awake chocolate is the perfect solution. You can buy a box 12 Awake bars on Amazon for only $20.82, and let's face it,  that money won't get you very far at Starbucks

2. Suggested dosages give you the perfect amount of energy without feeling buzzed

If you read the back of your Awake bar, you'll see their satirical, yet helpful, advice on how much to eat based on your desire level of alertness. One bar is supposedly equivalent to one cup of coffee, but each bar is divided into four squares. Each bar has different examples of what you might be able to do (which "may vary by height, weight, diet, disposition and willingness to believe"), and you'll have to buy a bar (or three) to figure out exactly what Awake thinks you can do. 

3. You can't taste the caffeine 

If you're not a caffeine dependent as me (good for you), and you can't stand the taste of coffee, then Awake bars are perfect for you. The chocolate completely conceals any taste of caffeine or coffee, meaning that there is no bitter aftertaste and it's easy to eat. 

4. It's healthier than a latte

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Adriana Chavez

While your regular grande order from Starbucks can vary from 190 calories to 540, one awake chocolate bar is 230 calories, and that's if you eat the full bar. Factor in all of the added sugar hiding in most coffee drinks and you've got yourself a latte that's basically a liquid candy bar. At that point, you might as well enjoy the real thing. 

5. They don't take time to brew

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Hanna Jones

Awake chocolate is a grab-and-go item, and takes literally no time to prepare. Instead of waiting in line for 10 minutes at Starbucks or trying to brew a cup with your Keurig while praying you don't wake up your roommate, just take a bar and head to class. 

6. You can easily store and save them for later

Since Awake bars are wrapped, they're easy to keep in your room or in your bag to grab for later. Unlike a cup of coffee, which is normally freezing cold by the time I get to class in the morning, Awake bars are just as delicious no matter what time you're having them. 

7. It's an excuse to eat chocolate

If you needed another reason to eat chocolate, here it is. Recently, a study found that combining chocolate and caffeine is the best way to maintain focus. I'm not saying that you'll definitely get a 4.0 just from eating an Awake bar, but I'm not not saying that.

If you aren't eating an Awake bar right now, go get one! While (probably) nothing can replace your morning cup of coffee, Awake chocolate is an excellent study aid when you need a kick of caffeine to get through your studying, it's delicious, and it's worth a try.