2017 brought both the good, and inevitably, the bad. From the release of the iPhone X to the death of Vine, it was yet another influential year for both present and future generations to come. In the midst of the tragedies and triumphs, the foodie world never ceases to live up to its expectations. Much like the most Instagrammed foods of 2016, this list includes fads you're most likely tired of seeing and noteworthy trends that are part of your regular diet. And of course, Starbucks drinks are always part of the list.

1. Unicorn Frappuccino

ice, milk, sweet, cream
Spencer Hutchison

From April 19th-23rd of 2017, Starbucks released a drink that left its fans in speechless awe. A sweet vanilla cream frappe with mango syrup, pink powder. and blue syrup, this limited edition drink misleads your taste buds by changing from sweet to sour. Contrary to popular belief, this $4.75 unicorn doesn't poop rainbows but instead a whooping 410 calories.  

2. Zombie Frappuccino

This Frappuccino, available for only 5 days during the Halloween season, may be the equivalent to diabetes in a cup. With 70 grams of sugar in a venti, the zombie Frappuccino surpasses the recommended intake of no more than 50 grams of sugar per day. A caramel apple base designed to resemble Frankenstein, dark red mocha syrup to imitate blood, and purple whipped cream to mimic brains made this drink live up to its namesake. The grand total for this concoction was $5.04 for a tall. 

3. Christmas Tree Frappuccino

But wait, there's more! The newest addition to the Starbucks Frappuccino Hall of Frame is none other than the Christmas Tree Frappuccino, which is a peppermint mocha drink topped with a Christmas tree. The matcha whipped cream resembles a tree, the candied cranberries act like ornaments, and the strawberry on top symbolizes the star. I can't wait to see what other creative drinks the Starbucks masterminds will create in 2018.

4. Oat Milk Lattes

Whole milk. 2% milk. Skim milk. Goat milk. Soy milk. Almond milk. Cashew milk. Coconut milk. Oat milk? Huh? Turns out that this naturally sweet addition to coffee shops is not only high in fiber and iron, but contains antioxidants and vitamins A, B, E. So the next time you feel depresso, add some oat milk to your espresso!

5. Sushi Donuts

Traditional donuts are so last year. Forget the glazed donut and instead frost your rice ring with your favorite fish, vegetables, sauces, fish eggs, and sesame seeds. This deconstructed sushi is changing the game. If sushi is being eaten in the form of burritos, poke bowls and donuts in 2017, I can only wonder what 2018 will bring.  

6. Edible Cookie Dough

I've always wondered: has anyone ever actually gotten salmonella from eating raw cookie dough or are people just trying to stop me from living my life? Turns out I don't have to worry about the answer to that question anymore. Multiple companies, both large and small, have begun producing edible, safe to eat, raw cookie dough. Although I typically eat rough cookie dough anyway, it's nice to have an option I know is safe for my health.

7. Low Calorie Ice Cream 

Ice cream with over 1,000 calories? Too mainstream. This past year, millennials are ditching the pint of indulgent Ben & Jerry's and instead splurging on ice cream that has only 1/4 the calorie count. Halo Top Creamery is currently the best selling ice cream company in the United States, which proves that people truly do want low calorie, low sugar ice cream. I scream for ice cream because now I can now justify eating an entire pint in one sitting. 

While 2017 has come and gone, day by day the food scene keeps on getting better. Lettuce celebrate the achievements 2017 brought to the table and go bananas for what 2018 holds!