Kale, the nutritionally-packed leafy green vegetable, has seen a huge boost in popularity over the last few years. U.S. kale production went up by 60 percent from 2007 to 2012. It quickly took over the food world with kale smoothies, kale chips, and kale and quinoa salads. A hipster’s new must-have. Kale sweaters were even a regular sight.

But, being a hipster fad, it was inevitable that the kale glory days would come to an end, and it seems that they have. So now it’s time for the hipsters of the world to seek out a new, somewhat undiscovered vegetable, pop it in a mason jar, and call it their own. So what will it be?

1. Rainbow chard


Photo courtesy of Kimberly Tompkins on Flickr

Also known as swiss chard, rainbow chard’s name comes from the fact that leaf blades can come in a variety of colors. Like kale, it’s super nutritious, but just a little more interesting. It’s great in smoothies (true hipsters put theirs in mason jars), salads, and as chips.

2. Cauliflower


Photo courtesy of Liz West on Flickr

Cauliflower definitely has the potential to be the next big vegetable. I’ve seen recipes all over the place using it. Admittedly, I grew up thinking cauliflower was just a boring version of broccoli, but these days it’s being used in tortillas, pizza crusts and so much more, so I might have to rethink my opinion.

3. Brussels sprouts



Photo courtesy of @im.jenzer on Instagram

Okay. I’m really not a fan of brussels sprouts. They’re just tiny, gross cabbages, right? Apparently these little guys are also making a comeback in the vegetable world, and might overtake kale as the #1 hipster food fad. Truly, there are some decent-looking recipes out there that might make me give them a try. There are even kale-brussels-sprouts hybrids. Who knows what’s next for this weird little veggie?

4. Radishes


Photo courtesy of @ritaserano on Instagram

I was recently served radishes as decoration at a rather hipster Mexican restaurant, proving that this versatile little veggie is both tasty and pretty. They’re a spring vegetable, so perfect to buy now, and they’re amazing in salads for the summer. I can see them sneaking up on kale as the new hipster veggie for 2016.

5. Turnip


Photo courtesy of New River Head on Flickr

AKA, “Turn Up.” Am I cool yet?

When I think of turnips, I think of Animal Crossing circa 2008 on my Nintendo DS and Joan who sells turnips every Sunday. A little bit strange, tbh. But turnips are actually super versatile, great in all sorts of dishes and even as chips.

6. Jícama


Photo courtesy of FotoosVanRobin on Flickr

Pronounced hee-cama, Jícama is grown in warm climates like Central America, the Caribbean, and Southern Asia. It is similar in texture to turnip, but tastes more like apple, so it’s a little bit like a water chestnut. Beyoncé reportedly eats it, and it’s a great veggie for almost any dish.

7. Kabocha squash


Photo courtesy of Lauren Jong on Flickr

In other parts of the world, kabocha squash is known as Japanese pumpkin, and it’s basically a sweet potato crossed with a pumpkin. Full of iron and other good things, this fluffy squash is great in both sweet and savory dishes.

But even more likely…

As with the rise to fame that kale saw in recent years, it’s very likely that the next big thing in the hipster vegetable world will be something we haven’t even heard of, because hipsters love the obscure even more than they love vegetable salads in mason jars.