Whether you’re obliged to ride out to Zone 6 and take the overground, or simply riding swiftly in the bustle of Zone 1, nothing makes a trip on the Tube better than some snacks.

Giving in to Cadbury’s or crisps is okay once in a while, but why not add some healthy munchies to the mix? Here are seven snacks that are both British and healthy to take with you on the Tube, no matter how long the journey:

1. Way Better Snacks


Photo courtesy of @waybettersnacks on Instagram

Trust me, these chips really are way better. Made with non-GMO, all natural, sprouted seeds, beans, and grains, the brand makes sure you enjoy a whole bag of chips without the guilt. Flavors include spicy sriracha, sweet potato, multi-grain, and more.

2. Rude Health Crackers


Photo courtesy of @rudehealth on Instagram

Nothing rude about eating healthy, amiright? Only 10 years old, Rude Health is all about keeping the artificial, refined sugars out of snacking. Their crackers are made with Scottish oatmeal and give you your daily dose of fiber, without breaking the bank (£3 on average).

3. Kallo Rice Snacks


Photo courtesy of @saykallo on Instagram

Gone are the boring, cardboard tasting rice cakes of the past. Kallo is a brand that’s putting them back on the market with value in health and taste. Plus their flavors are unique and low-fat, like blueberry & vanilla, spicy chili, and Belgian chocolate as seen above.

4. B.fresh Juices


Photo courtesy of @b_freshjuice on Instagram

Maybe not a typical snack per se, but juices are a great way to keep you full ’til lunch on your morning Tube ride. For those who get motion sickness easily, this is the go-to for you. B.fresh is a family-run company that uses the freshest ingredients from their farm in Shropshire. With over three generations of experienced farmers, the quality is the best of the best.

5. Bounce Energy Balls


Photo courtesy of @bounce_uk on Instagram

All the energy with none of the dangerous additives. Besides the cool name and enticing packaging, Bounce is a brand that combines two things public transit goers need: energy and health. With flavors like cacao & mint, spirulina & ginseng, and peanut, put some bounce in your step with this snack.

6. Ohso Chocolate


Photo courtesy of @ohso_goodforyou on Instagram

So you may be like “why give up my Cadbury and Flake?” But your chocolate fix is about to get a whole lot healthier. Ohso is gluten-free, low in calories, and made from Belgian chocolate, which is only the beginning of the numerous other advantages over the usual bar.

7. Nakd Bars


Photo courtesy of @nakdwholefoods on Instagram

A popular raw fruit and nut bar in organic grocery stores is the Nakd brand, which come in a variety of combos, including their Trek Protein counterpart. The bars are a convenient way to snack while reading the Evening Standard on the ever-crowded Piccadilly line.

A journey on the Tube is always an adventure, and what better way to make your adventure complete than with some of Britain’s finest snacks?

#SpoonTip: Most of the above can be found at Whole Foods located in Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, Richmond, and Clapham Junction.