2015 is turning out to be a sad, sad year for chocolate lovers.

Since Hershey’s has officially banned all imports of Cadbury chocolates from the UK. Although you might still see Cadbury on shelves around the US, it will be the American made version, not the UK version (which is 100,000% better).

Why is UK chocolate so much better than American chocolate? The difference lies in the way the UK classifies milk chocolate. In the UK, a product must contain no less than 25% cocoa solids in order to be classified as milk chocolate. In the US, however, milk chocolate must contain no less than 10% chocolate liquor.

Chocolate Liquor is a combination of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the fatty component of chocolate and the more cocoa butter used in a bar of chocolate, the cheaper the chocolate usually is.

The list of ingredients on the back of bars reveals a lot about the difference in quality. The first ingredient  on the UK bars is milk. The first ingredient on the USA bars?


Although Hershey’s has officially ruined Cadbury for the US (thanks Hershey’s, thanks a lot), these foreign chocolates are a great way to drown your sorrows.

1. Lindt (55% cocoa solids)

Self-proclaimed “Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845,” Lindt chocolates are known for their individually wrapped truffles and their delectable bars. Their truffles are famous for their slightly hard exterior which break away to reveal a smooth, luscious interior. With flavors such as Caramel Sea Salt, Coconut, Citrus and Irish Cream your taste buds will never get bored.


Photo by Jaye Lind

2. Kinder (40% cocoa solids)

Known best for their “Surprise Eggs,” (which may or may not still be banned in the US), this German chocolate is delicious and fun. Made especially for kids, Kinder is known best for its small but tasty portions. Most of their products (the eggs and the bars) come in one flavor, white chocolate coated by milk chocolate, but they are delicious nonetheless.

Sometimes you buy nostalgia. #kindersurprise #kinderegg

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3. Droste (52% cocoa solids)

This Dutch company has been producing their famous “Pastilles” since 1863. Characterized by their small disks, Pastilles are the original “melt-away” chocolates. Sold in large packs, they are perfect for sharing...and binge eating. They come in eight flavors including dark, milk and orange and are great for making hot chocolate as well.


Photo by Jaye Lind


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