If you've ever struggled with an eating disorder, you know what a huge deal it is to recover from one. Recovery is something to be cherished, celebrated and respected. Here are seven ways, one for every day of the week, to honor those who have recovered from their E.D.'s. #NEDawareness 

1. Buy flowers 

Rachel Hicks

Buy flowers for someone you know that has an eating disorder or just buy some for yourself if you've had one. What better time to start recovery than #NEDawareness week? Commit to recovery and buy a beautiful bouquet to celebrate. If you do choose to buy flowers for a friend with an E.D., remember that this is a sensitive topic. Think about how to present the flowers without making the person feel uncomfortable.

2. Treat yourself to your favorite meal

Rachel Hicks

My personal favorite is the Harvest Salad at Blue Phoenix in Lexington, Va. It's stock full of super foods--avocados, tomatoes, leafy greens, onions, artichokes and a black bean burger on top. If your former favorite meal might trigger you, choose a new favorite to celebrate #NEDawareness week. Put some tasty goodness inside your tummy and enjoy every bite. Practice mindful eating while you're at it. 

3. Cheers

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Shelby Cohron

Get a group of friends together and say cheers to whoever has recovered from an E.D. And if no one has, say cheers to a brand new start. We all make commitments and then fall down again, but the beauty about life is that we literally get a new day every morning. A new start, if we choose to take it. Anyone can say "cheers" to that. 

4. Spend time outdoors

Rachel Hicks

There's something undeniably healing about fresh air. The photo above features me on top of House Mountain in Lexington on an especially foggy day. I remember staring out into the fog, feeling like I was looking out into my future--so uncertain about what was behind the clouds. Sometimes that's how recovery feels. But there's also so much beauty in that ... just like the fog was beautiful, so is the possibility that comes with uncertainty. You don't know what tomorrow will be like, but it's up to you to paint that picture. Go on a hike, spend some time outside. The outdoors just might reveal something to you. 

5. Me time

Rachel Hicks

Everyone has their own way to relax. Some people feed off of others' company. Others like to recharge in solitude. Me, I love calming down in a dimly lit room with candles. A romantic at heart, I enjoy mood lighting. It's kind of like putting on rose-colored glasses ... I literally see life in a new light. How do you recharge? Have some "me time" to celebrate #NEDawareness week. And make it a habit because it's good for you! 

6. Take care of your body

Gail Rabasca

Not all of us have the luxury of taking a bath whenever we want to ... most dorms kind of ruin that option. But if you do, a warm tub of water with bath salts can do wonders. If a bath isn't something you can do, put on a face mask or do a full body salt scrub. There's something metaphorically satisfying about scrubbing away dead skin cells. It's like shedding your old skin and starting over. Do it for #NEDawareness week. Love your body and take time to take care of it. 

7. Reflect

Rachel Hicks

I find coffee shops to be lovely places to relax and reflect. Everyone tends to do their own thing, whether it's having a conversation with a pal or doing work. But you're not really alone. It makes a good place for thinking deep thoughts. Grab your journal and a cup of coffee or tea and spend some time being honest with yourself. How is your recovery going? How can you help your friend who's struggling without ruining your friendship? Why is it so hard to let go of your E.D. if you haven't? What's holding you back? Write away. You can do this. And if nothing else, reflect on your #NEDawareness week. Did you celebrate well? I hope this helps.