Starting at Penn State as a young college freshman was definitely a big transition. Not only did I have to figure out how to navigate the University Park Campus, East dorms, and downtown State College, but I quickly learned that there was a lot more to Penn State than just these three little factors.

Learning about Penn State throughout my freshman year also meant learning about the traditions with such a big school: throwing fellow students in the air when there is a touchdown at a football game, answering the "We Are" chant with Penn State, and standing for 46 hours during THON weekend.

However, traditions are not necessarily something that has to involve the entire student body. Penn State has adopted more than a few food traditions throughout the years that you can celebrate alone or with your friends. Here are some foodie things you'll only understand if you go to Penn State.

1. Pokeys

Every time I have had one of my home friends visit me at school, I insist that we order Pokey Sticks after a night out. There is simply nothing more "Penn State" than going back to your dorm after a night in fratland to a box of hot, cheesy, delicous Pokey Sticks.

#SpoonTip: Order your Pokeys with a side of marinara and ranch.

2. Grilled Stickies

No matter where you go in State College, most stores or restaurants will have Grilled Stickies available for purchase. Grilled Stickies have been a part of the lives of Penn Staters for what seems like forever and personally, I understand why.There is no topping these cinnamon bun-like treats.

3. The Waffle Shop

I cannot even begin to explain how much I and every single Penn State student loves The Waffle Shop. Not only has this breakfast joint been around for literally decades, but I would argue that it has the best breakfast in Pennsylvania. This is the perfect place to meet up with friends to talk about the week over some amazing waffles and eggs.

4. Chicken Baskets

At my first Penn State football game I was confused why every single student was holding a cardboard box filled with chicken tenders and french fries. Now I understand why. No matter how the Nittany Lions are doing, its nothing a chicken basket can't fix. Chicken baskets are the ultimate game day meal and I am confident that the majority of students would agree.

5. Canyon Pizza

No matter the weather or the time of night, there will always be a line outside of Canyon. Canyon Pizza is for sure a Penn State night staple and it will always be the perfect place to grab a slice or two. What makes it even better is that each slice is only $1.  

6. "Pman's"

Primanti Brothers will always be the top spot for students over 21 to spend their Saturdays and watch football games. Not only does Pman's have an extensive drink menu, but they also have great food options. 

7. McLanahan's

McLanahan's is the second home of every Penn State student. This is where students purchase all of their game day clothes, birthday supplies, toiletries, snacks, and drinks. They also have a deli which is perfect to grab a sandwich from on your way home from class. McLanahan's is also a Penn State staple.

With so many Penn State traditions, some of my favorites are food-related—everyone loves to eat. If you are a Penn State freshman I highly recommend visiting all of these places. I promise you will love them just as much as I do.