I think it's safe to say that almost everyone can always go for a good slice of pizza, no matter what time of day it is. Pizza is not only delicious and filling, but it is also a comfort food.

Not only do I find myself craving pizza on a daily basis, but as I'm walking back to my apartment after a late night with my friends we are always looking for the best and closest pizza joint.

At a big school like Penn State, there are so many places to grab late night food. Some of my favorite late night spots are those that specialize in the best pizza around.

Below is a list if where to find the best places at Penn State for your late night pizza cravings.

1. Gumby's

If you take away anything from this article is should be that Gumby's is a Penn State staple. The first late night food I was recommended when I was a freshman was Gumby's pokey sticks. I know, pokey sticks aren't your traditional pizza but they are a Gumby's special and are totally worth it. Although if you are looking for a traditional pizza experience, they also offer classic (less popular) pizza.

2. Pizza Mia

I am a little biased toward Pizza Mia but only because of its location. Pizza Mia is just steps away from my apartment. However, I assure you that Pizza Mia is worth it no matter where you are. I am from New Jersey, so I am pretty sure that I know quality pizza and I have not found pizza better than at Pizza Mia since coming to Penn State. Take it from a Jersey girl, go to Pizza Mia.

3. Canyon

Canyon is another pizza joint that is quite famous at Penn State. Unlike Gumby's, Canyon strictly offers traditional pizza. Yes, the Canyon lines are long, but when you are hungry at 2am and know that you are about to eat a delicious, hot, slice of Canyon pizza you will be willing to wait. Plus, you can't beat the prices! 

4. College Pizza

College Pizza is similar to Canyon in the sense that they only serve pizza. They are another classic, college, late night, pizza joint. However, the location of College Pizza is a little more central to Penn State night life than the location of Canyon. I also often find that the lines at College Pizza are slightly shorter. There is a long time debate on which students prefer, College or Canyon and trust me, it gets heated. 

5. D.P. Dough

D.P. Dough is a personal favorite late night pizza stop of mine, even though it doesn't technically serve pizza. D.P. Dough specializes in a variety of different calzones with so many different fillings that I can't even count! The nice thing about getting a calzone instead of pizza is that you and your friends don't have to agree on a topping. You can just get what you are craving in the moment.

6. Snap

Snap is new to Penn State and although it is more of a dinner spot than a late night spot, I have it on this least because of its growing popularity. What could possibly be better than customizing your pizza! Snap even offers gluten-free options like cauliflower crust and salad.

7. Papa John's

I know that Papa John's isn't unique to Penn State, but I often find myself ordering it due to the fact that you can order it off of Uber Eats. This means that as I am walking home with my friends our pizza will be at our door by the time we get home. This is convenient for if you are out later than you expected or if you have class the next day.

No matter where you decide to grab pizza with your friends, the important thing is that you are having fun and making memories that will last a life time.