March has lots of special features that make it unique—St. Patrick’s Day, the beginning of Spring, and (most importantly) Women’s History Month. This month is an important time where we can remember to give women the extra attention they deserve and acknowledge the amazing strides they are making. One industry that women are using to take the world by storm just happens to be one of the tastiest—the food industry. Female bloggers all over the nation are sharing their own experiences and expertise with food, and each blog features more drool-worthy food photos and recipes then the next. Here are the top 7 female food bloggers you should be following now.

1. Not Without Salt

Ashley Rodriguez is a mother with piercing blue eyes and a love of simple, nutritious foods. She explains that her blog is a place for her to share her love of “all things salted, sweet and savory" for her readers to "find pleasure, joy, and sustenance in good food.” The blog includes a “journal” that walks readers through recipes and features aesthetically pleasing photos that will have you running to the kitchen. She also has a simple “recipes” tab if you don’t have time for the details, a YouTube series called “Kitchen Survival” and, most impressively, she has her own book. “Date Night In: More Than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship” walks readers through the trials and tribulations of Ashley’s marriage and introduces 25 seasonal dates that can help strengthen any relationship.

Try this recipe: Molly’s Cauliflower Shwarma Tacos

2. How Sweet Eats

Jessica Merchant is an adorably hilarious and self-taught cook/blogger who lives in Pittsburgh. Her blog is perfect for you if want to read about all different types of food (or DIY projects, all things baby, or thoughts on life) from someone with lots of personality. How Sweet Eats is wonderfully personal (or as Jessica would say “embarrassingly self-indulgent") with Jessica confessing everything from her cheese drawer to her love of James Taylor. Her cookbook “The Pretty Dish” is an ideal read for anyone who loves food or loves taking photos of food. Her recipes cover any meal or food you can think of, so get ready to be “beaming at bacon” or whatever meal you choose.

Try this recipe: Lucky Charms Cupcakes

3. What’s Gaby Cooking

Gaby is a proud millennial who started blogging as she entered culinary school, and now uses the blog as a “celebration of what it’s like to live the California Girl Life.” Each recipe is more Instagram worthy than the last, which would explain why Gaby has been featured in tons of news outlets like Glamour and BuzzFeed. While she’s working on her second cookbook, the blog is still in full swing with “food + drink,” “meal plans,” “obsessed,” “travel,” and “entertain” tabs. The meal plans are the perfect idea for anyone looking for easy food inspiration, with step by step instructions and drool-worthy photos. Each day provides a new, creative dish that will have you ready to snap pics and grab a fork.

Try this recipe: Grilled Peach and Prosciutto Pizza 

4. Spoon Fork Bacon

The name might have me biased, but this blog is the perfect blend of comfort food and girl power. Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park are best friends with a blog, and their recipes put a perfect spin on your favorite foods to make your indulgences look picture perfect. Each recipe has its own personal write up and easy-to-follow instructions. If that weren’t enough, there’s also spotlights on places, people, and DIY projects. The pair already has an impressive three cookbooks and will have you breaking out your spoons, forks, and grabbing for the aesthetically-pleasing bacon.

Try this recipe: Mini Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes 

5. Hemsley + Hemsley

If you’re looking for healthy food with style, this blog is for you. Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley want their meals to be “natural, satisfying and easy to digest” while making you feel “vibrant, strong, and healthy.” These ladies are no joke: they got their start catering for top brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Vivienne Westwood. Now, they have two successful cookbooks, their own spiralizer, and even their own café at Selfridges. The blog teaches readers about “the art of living well” with videos, kitchen tips, beauty and lifestyle blogs, and beautiful recipes. Get in on this duo before all your friends are talking about them: they just debuted their TV show Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley.

Try this recipe: Sesame Courgetti with Chilli, Avocado and Bell Pepper Ribbons

6. Top with Cinnamon

Izy Hossack is not your typical college student—she’s a Londoner studying Food Science and Nutrition, but she’s also a super successful blogger with two of her own cookbooks. Izy explains it best when she writes that on the blog, you’ll be faced with “experiments of making a multitude of culinary delights—ranging from the indulgent to the wholesome and hearty.” Each recipe comes with an interesting write up and gorgeous photography that she puts a “friggin lot of effort” into. The blog also links to Izy’s personal website that has some seriously Insta-worthy food photos.

Try this recipe: Chocolate and Cherry Meringue Stack Cake 

7. Anna Cook

Anna Cook describes herself as a cook, stylist, and writer. She’s the inspiration you need this month—she started her uber-successful blog when she read a newspaper article about chasing your passions, and up and quit her boring office job. She got her start in the culinary industry at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in London. Anna wants to help her readers eat well and feel well, and says that she is “lead by the joy of food.” The blog combines the personal with the delicious, with blog posts on everything from feminism to interviews. She has recipes, videos, and three awesome cookbooks.

Try this recipe: Dosa-Spiced Potato Cakes with Quick Cucumber Pickle

As you plan the rest of your meals this March, take some inspiration from these kick-ass women taking the food industry by storm. And take lots of pictures, because why eat it if you can’t blog it?