Are you wondering what on earth to pack for Okeechobee Fest? Because I sure was. It's a pretty daunting task, you're going to be camping in a giant field with no electricity for four days. According to the festival's website, you can't even bring grills, so that means no hot dogs #depressing. Never fear though I have constructed a list of 7 bomb snacks that are perfect for getting you through this dope music festival. 

1. Trail Mix 

Who doesn't love M&M's that play hard to get? All jokes aside Trail mix is perfect for any outdoor adventure. The nuts are very good for you as they are high in good fats, vitamins, and fiber. Trail mix also keeps your blood sugars level constant, so it's perfect for sustainable energy. Remember to buy trail mix with M&M's because they don't melt Honestly, my fav trail mix is the Great Value Walmart brand.

2. Clif Bars 

These are obviously great for keeping you full and nourished. If you've never heard of them they are organic energy bars that actually taste good (I know it's hard to believe). They are a great source of protein and can basically replace a meal which is super awesome cause the Food Trucks can be pricey. 

3. Watermelon 

If you're feeling fancy it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a watermelon. Watermelon is the perfect outdoor snack. Watermelon keeps you hydrated, which is very important since you're going to be outside all day, sweating your butt off from dancing so much.

4. Nut Butter Packets 

These are basically packets of almond and peanut butter. This is great for a pick me up in the middle of the day. This is high in protein and natural fats. I have seen some flavors that have caffeine in them which is ideal if you feel like you might crash

5. Jerky

This is perfect if you find yourself craving meat around day two. Jerky surprisingly has more protein than fat. You're not limited to beef jerky either there's also buffalo, pork, turkey, venison, and even salmon jerky. 

6. Oreos 

Okay, you're probably going to be a little turnt and are going to want to treat yourself with some delicious cookies. Oreos are the best option because they don't need to be refrigerated and the cream won't go bad. Fun fact: it's not even cream, Oreos are actually vegan (unsettling, right?!). 

7. Munchies 

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Angelica Pan

These are my go to chips, they are just as good sober as they are drunk. Plus there is something in them for everyone so share a bag with your camping buddies. It's a conversation piece.