Being a college student is stressful 99.7% of the time. When you are boggled down by three exams, two projects and five homework assignments all in the span of a few days, only one thing can make it all better: food.

Stress brings constant thoughts of ice cream, cookies and cake, but sadly, these treats don't always eliminate the stress that makes you crave them in the first place.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, indulge in something that will stop stress in its tracks but doesn't have so much sugar sugar. 

1. Blueberries

After a long night of studying, what's a better snack to grab than some blueberries? Filled with antioxidants and vitamin C, blueberries fight to lower stress. If you're not into eating straight up blueberries, it's not hard to fix yourself a dish with them.

2. Leafy Greens

Eating leafy greens releases dopamine, a chemical that keeps you calm. So when you feel the stress coming on, grab a salad and get to work. 

3. Oatmeal

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Instead of reaching for the carbs that are extremely high in sugar, grab a hot bowl of oatmeal to calm your nerves. Oatmeal will help relieve your stress without feeling a sugar crash later. Plain oatmeal isn't fancy enough for you? Upgrade your toppings.

4. Sweet Potatoes

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Maybe oatmeal isn't your thing to fulfill those sugary, carb cravings. What you're really looking to munch on are crispy french fries. But that greasy treat won't make your stress go away. Instead, choose sweet potatoes. They're delicious, anti-stress and help you finish your homework.

5. Yogurt 

Reaching for ice cream? Think again. Try grabbing some creamy yogurt instead. You'll be getting healthy proteins and you're cravings will be satisfied—even your mood will improve. Take your yogurt to the next level with a yogurt parfait

6. Turkey Breast 

Who wants to eat turkey when it's not Thanksgiving? While turkey wouldn't be my first option, it definitely will help kick the stress. You'll be calmer probably in need of a nap. 

7. Green Tea 

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If you're feeling too stressed to go on, sip on a hot (or cold) glass of green tea. The added caffeine will supply a boost of energy to help you get an assignment done.

8. Cashews

Cashews are loaded with zinc, which helps fight off anxiety. And the crunchiness and saltiness of cashews are sure to satisfy (almost) any craving that comes your way. If you're skeptical about adding this nut into your diet, check out the other benefits they have for you. 

9. Avocados 

Grab a pen because you're gonna need to add your name to the long list of people who are devoted to this popular food trend.

Put some avocado on toast and you'll be less likely to grab a sugary snack later. Although this food might not thwart that stressed feeling, it will shut down those stress-induced cravings with some healthy fats.

10. Dark Chocolate 

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No matter how good milk chocolate tastes, dark chocolate actually helps reduce your stress and will lessen your sweet tooth cravings. 

Although a sugary snack may taste good at first, it won't reduce your stress and it might just make you feel worse in the long run. Give one of these foods a whirl next time around because they're just as tasty (even if that's only what I think).