Who's favorite day as a kid wasn't pizza for dinner day? I remember birthdays and weekends as literal events to always look forward to, because one thing was always guaranteed: pizza. Honestly, I think my mom might have gotten so offended (and possibly creeped) by the shared connection between myself and the pizza delivery man that she introduced the beauty of frozen pizza into my life. Now, I'm here to pass the knowledge I've gained onto you. These are the seven best frozen pizzas that re completely worthy of your love and appetite.

1. DiGiorno

Who can go wrong with the classics? DiGiorno invented frozen pizzas for me. They've got quality and quantity figured out, truly one of the best frozen pizzas. Their pizzas taste delicious with a perfect cheese to sauce ratio, and you can find DiGiorno's in any freezer section. They also offer variety, from cheese-stuffed crust (yes, you read that correctly) to meat/veggie. Guaranteed to satisfy at a very well worth cost.

2. Maitre Pierre Tarte D'Alsace

Diana Milton

Okay, so this is a flatbread (in my book, it still counts), and it's the most gourmet thing your freezer has seen all day. It's French so it's sophisticated, and it has caramelized onions, ham, and gruyere cheese. Can you say delicious? But here's the kicker: it's only available at Trader Joe's (but that also means it's relatively inexpensive). Just go buy it, it's worth it.

3. Totino's Pizza Rolls

Do you even college? It's pop-able pizza, revolutionary concept as is, but then they went the extra mile by introducing variety—triple cheese, pepperoni, sausage, supreme, etc. And they're kind of a meme, which is always fun. Combat the effort of preheating your oven by just throwing some on a plate and into the microwave. 

#SpoonTip: You can go rogue and try to make some pizza rolls yourself.

4. Freschetta

Quality and taste are really up there, comparable to any pizza you'd get at a restaurant or your door. This company prides itself on its fresh ingredients, as they bring real food to real life, so there's less to feel guilty about (not that you should EVER feel guilty about a little indulgence). Bonus: they have gluten-free options to make the best frozen pizzas available to all!

5. California Pizza Kitchen

Why go to CPK in person and get all dressed up when you can stay home in your pajamas and bring the taste straight to your table? Sounds like a no brainer to me. And they offer options straight from their menu, like their classic BBQ chicken and their spinach and artichoke pizzas.

#SpoonTip: Try out their white pizza, I'm typically a big tomato sauce girl, but wow, this pizza is a life changer.

6. Tombstone

Tasty crust, gooey cheese, zesty sauce—can't go wrong with the basics. With so much variety—from their garlic bread assortment to their delicious "Most Wanted" pizzas—the only real problem will be figuring out which pizza you want to take home with you.

7. Red Baron Deep Dish Mini Pizzas

These caught my attention at the store so I had to give them a go, and they were great. I literally just describe them as pockets of goodness; they burst with flavor and are incredibly cheesy (which is the last thing I will ever complain about). And let's talk about their aesthetic, go moms!

That about covers it, the seven best frozen pizzas I can offer. Get ready to take on the freezer section like a pro. But remember, what's a good frozen pizza dinner without some frozen appetizers? Or maybe even some non-frozen ones if you miss using kitchen appliances that aren't solely your oven.