So not all of us celebrate the Easter holidays by going to church, honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and decorating eggs. For many of us, April 16 will probably be just another Sunday spent in the company of TV specials, chocolate, and marshmallows.

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Michelle Yan

Traditionally, Easter eggs AKA Paschal eggs are painted and decorated to represent fertility and rebirth. In Christianity, it can symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus after he was resurrected. These days, you’ll even find chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil in addition to the traditional hard boiled ones.

But what about those boring eggs in your fridge the ones that don’t get decorated and retain their white canvas, the ones that don’t get eaten for breakfast, or baked into pastries. Well just so you know eggs are more useful than you think. In fact I’ll bet you didn’t know that you could find eggs in these six surprising places...even when it’s not Easter. 

1. Feeling artsy? Call out your inner Botticelli, Giotto, or Fra Angelico and travel back to the early renaissance ages with your very own homemade egg tempera paint. In the past egg whites were often used as a binding agent for powdered pigments. Create your own with this recipe.

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Michelle Yan

2. Fertilize your plants with egg shells, deter slugs and pests with crushed egg shells, start seeds with egg cartons, or repel deer with rotten eggs. The possibilities for eggs in the garden just seem endless.

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Michelle Yan

3. Isolate the egg white and mix until frothy. Apply the mixture to your face and let dry for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off for tighter brighter skin.

Michelle Yan

4. In an emergency apply and let egg white dry over minor cuts to create a makeshift bandage that provides nutrients for faster healing and decreased scarring.

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Michelle Yan

5. Science fact. Eggs possess enough sulfur to oxidize jewelry with sterling .925 or lower. To enhance your jewelry hard boil 1-2 eggs and place crumbled egg yolk in the bottom of a sealable container. Place a sheet of paper towel over the crumbled yolk and your jewelry atop the paper. Seal the container and let sit in room temperature for 3-5 days. Like magic your jewelry will shine even brighter.

tea, coffee, egg
Michelle Yan

6. Speaking of shiny things and brighter futures. Eggs can be leather cleaners. Whisk and apply egg whites to dirty leather and let dry. Afterwards lightly remove egg white and leather should be cleaner and brighter.

Michelle Yan

A true superfood, eggs are more than just your favorite breakfast food. If you're ever in a scramble involving any of the situations above, grab an egg from the fridge and let it work its magic.