Millennials around the world reacted with shock when they learned Club Penguin was shutting down. That's right, the site where they spent many an hour throwing snowballs and catching coffee would be closing forever on March 29th. Although as a consolation, Disney announced plans for Club Penguin Island, a new mobile game, that didn't stop thousands from reacting to the awful news on social media.

To commemorate the fun we've had, here are some Club-Penguin-inspired foods to eat while you try to tip the iceberg one last time.

Snow Cones

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Rose Ferrao

There's plenty of snow to go around when you live on an iceberg. Make your own snow cones with fresh snow or some crushed ice. Looking for something more adult? Here are three ways to combine alcohol with snow.


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Avery Nicholson

They probably don't make the best pizza topping in real life, but they're definitely good roasted over a campfire. If s'mores aren't your thing, here are 31 other ways you can eat 'em.

Hot Chocolate

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A great way to warm up after a particularly tough sledding match, follow this recipe to make your own creamy version.


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These treats, loved by both penguins and puffles alike, come in a dazzling variety of forms in the real world. Check out these eight different chocolate chip cookie versions.


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If you're already missing your puffles, this real-life fruit might be able to fill that void in your heart. Fellow Spoon writer Judy Chen says it's a pleasantly sweet and aromatic fruit, so just put some googly eyes on them and you'll be good to go. 

Green Tea

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We'll let Sensei do the talking here:

The Greatest Ninja

The greatest ninja

Never gives up a battle

Or a cup of tea

Adios Club Penguin. You will be missed.

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Owen Yin