If international supermarkets had gold cards, my parents would probably qualify for VIP.

"Mom can you make me a sandwich?"

"Sure, honey."

*Proceeds to make something with ingredients I can neither translate nor pronounce.*

This was pretty much the story of my life. Keep reading at your own discretion, but remember, looks can be deceiving. If apples and burgers are getting boring, the items on this list are definitely for those down for an appetizing adventure around the world.

1. Rambutan 

rambutan, sweet
Michelle Yan

A reminder of the Puffle Pets we all had in our Club Penguin days, this pleasantly sweet and aromatic fruit is native to regions of Southeast Asia. Whether canned or raw, the Ranbutan not only makes an exotic dessert, but also contains high amounts of manganese, which is good for your metabolism and the development of bone structure. So definitely buy a few at the store if you haven't already. 

2. Durian 

durian, pasture
Michelle Yan

Durian possesses the dual utility to be used as weapon in emergencies in addition to being a tasty snack. This smelly and formidable fruit is actually considered the “king of fruits” in Southeast Asia. Once you make it past the rotting smell, this sweet custardy fruit is guaranteed to deliver a healthy punch of vitamins and minerals.

3. Huamei

Michelle Yan

Derived from the Japanese apricot or Prumus Mume, this questionable-looking snack is not only considered a sweet, but is also used in Chinese herbal medicine as a means of enhancing immune functions.

4. Guaiwei Dou

sweet, tigernut, chips, chocolate, corn
Michelle Yan

This food literally translates into “strange taste beans" in Chinese. The contents of this bag may look strange, but the surface layer of sugar, caramel, salt, and sesame coated flat beans will just melt in your mouth. Go on, try it before you deny it.

5. Spicy Chicken Feet 

sweet, vegetable
Michelle Yan

A versatile delicacy popular in East Asian, South American, and African cuisine, chicken feet are the new chicken wings for the bold and brave. Whether fried, marinated or steamed, I promise these taste better than they look. This recipe is a personal family favorite.

6. Peedan Eggs 

Michelle Yan

These may not be dinosaur eggs, but you’re not far off the mark. Also known as “century” eggs, Peedan is an ancient delicacy with five centuries of history behind its production that dates back to the Ming dynasty.

7. Frogs

shellfish, seafood, fish, water, clam, mussel, oyster
Michelle Yan

Common in French and Asian cuisine, those who have tried frog claim it tastes like chicken. Frog is high in protein, Vitamin A, and potassium. So stop wasting them on witches brews and try some for yourself.

8. Duck Tongue 

sausage, meat, pork, beef, ham, bacon
Michelle Yan

After marinating and frying, you’ll be begging for seconds. The avian tongue may look nasty raw, but then again so do most raw meat. Serious Eats has got you covered on the perfect way to prepare this deceivingly delicious dish.

9. Chicken Hearts 

sausage, meat, pork, beans, beef
Michelle Yan
Skewer them together to create a dish loved by Brazilians. Forget chocolates and cookies, Cupid shot some arrows through these hearts to create the perfect kebab for the thrill seeking couple. Share the love and get the recipe here.

10. Turtles

fish, seafood, nori
Michelle Yan

To give a brief history lesson, Diamondback Terrapins were actually considered a delicacy in the regions of Maryland and North Carolina during the early 1900s. Today, we introduce the Chinese Soft-shell turtle, which is commonly prepared in soup.