Going to the gym can be scary and intimidating, especially if you're not familiar with the environment. One way to overcome the fear is bringing someone along with you. Since I have started going to the gym with my gym buddy, I've noticed a difference in the quality of my workouts and how willing I am to try new exercises. 

If you're still not quite convinced that bringing someone with you will pay off, these are my top reasons for getting a designated gym buddy. 

1. You Have Someone to Keep You Accountable

There is a difference between saying you'll go to the gym and actually going to the gym. Waking up can be rough if you told yourself that you would hit the gym first thing in the AM. When you only have a gym date with yourself, it's easy to snooze the alarm and say you'll go the next morning. But if your gym date is with a friend, most times you won't want to let them down. 

2. It's Less Scary to go with Someone

If you are as inexperienced in the gym as I am, walking into a gym is scary. Walking in with a buddy makes everything easier and more comfortable, even if your friend is just as clueless about the machines as you are. 

3. You'll be More Adventurous

How many times has there been an athletic class of some sort that you wanted to attend but didn't because you didn't want to seem like a loner in the back? With a designated gym buddy, you have someone to drag to all the classes you want. 

4. Competition can Improve Performance

It has been shown in so many studies that competition can make people do better. Seeing your friend on level 8 of the treadmill while you're on level 6 may just motivate you to push harder and get more from your workout than you could alone. 

5. Workouts Will be Safe

Having someone spot you at the gym is a great way to make sure you don't pull a muscle or hurt yourself. Safety is key especially if you are dealing with pushing your limits with lifting weights. 

6. It's 10x More Fun

Doing things like studying, shopping and even working out can be so much more fun if you do it with friends. If you really dread going to the gym, having a friend can really liven up the experience and make it more positive.

The gym does not have to be scary or intimidating, sometimes you just need to find something that will work for you. For some people that means having someone to motivate you and keep you accountable, but for some it's working out alone or even exercising outdoors instead. If you need some help getting yourself to the gym, try grabbing a friend to accomplish a work out with, it just may be the thing that sticks.