Holidays are a time to enjoy the presence of loved ones, a time to take those skis for a run, and, of course, a time to catch up on all your favorite shows.

With the stress of finals out of the way, you can finally focus on one of the great pleasures in life: finding the perfect snack for your next TV binge. While trying to think of some new and original snacks for my #xmasmarathon2k16, an idea dawned on me. Who better than the most trendy and modern family on TV as a source of serious snack inspo? The word 'modern' is in the title of the show, for Pete's sake.

Having watched every single episode of Modern Family more times than I am proud to say, I came up with my favorite food-related moments with the Pritchett and Dunphy families. The list below pairs each of those giggle-inducing moments with a hunger-inducing recipe. Enjoy!

1) Phil's Cauliflower

To all my beautiful people out there, listen to Phil's-osophy. High in fiber, protein, vitamin C, this vegetable does way more than make for hilarious punchlines. Cauliflower is a snacking goldmine: it is remarkably healthy (fewer calories = more snacking, yay!), and its mild taste will take on all your favorite spices and flavors.

So go ahead, boil those babies up, make some cheesy, garlicky mashed cauliflower, get yourself a large mixing bowl and a wooden spoon, and let the binge-watching begin.

#SpoonTip: Looking for something more finger-food friendly? Try this recipe for Cauliflower Buffalo Wings.

2) Cam's Poutine

This is for those nights where you are feeling a bit more indulgent and willing to turn on the oven and do some chopping. Cam's "French Canadian delicacy" is well worth the trouble. Trust me, there's a reason your friends from McGill won't shut up about poutine. Canadian-born Tastemade star Julie Nolke changes the game with her sweet, savory and slightly smoky Beer Bacon And Maple Syrup Poutine recipe.

I also highly recommend whipping up some poutine if you plan on watching How I Met Your Mother. You'll never feel more in sync with Robin as you both chow down on those crunchy fries. 

Pour a glass of wine to drink with your fries to help you forget about How I Met Your Mother's awful series finale. You'll be following the Pritchett family's lead and embracing the fact that poutine is many Canadians' favorite drunk food.

3) Holiday Dinner Leftovers

If you spent the last few days slaving away in the kitchen to host your first 'adult' holiday dinner, then you deserve to pile up on the left over poultry you spent hours caressing with herbed butter. 

Even if you didn't go through Phil's intense massaging and decided to feed your guests minimart rotisserie chicken,  it's okay. Who says you still don't deserve to eat the leftovers. At 3 am. Using a drumstick to cover your eyes from the Demargogan scenes in Stranger Things. 

#SpoonTip: The best way to eat leftovers is in the form of this classic sandwich. 

4) Manny's Espresso

A quick espresso will cure your persistent headache and bloodshot eyes from watching the same screen for 9+ hours; you'll be feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday in no time. Pinky's up, people!

And, if you open the curtains and find that you have binge-watched into the next day, make these fluffy espresso dark chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Pat yourself on the back for having pulled off an all-nighter, champ.

5) Jay's Sandwich

The infamous Jay Pritchett sandwich on his favorite diner's menu. 'Nuff said. Get the full recipe here

6) Gloria's Special Tomato Sauce

Jay wasn't the only one who used food as a claim to fame. Gloria's secret family recipe led to some hilarious drama between business partners Gloria and Cam. 

These juicy accusations come straight from a telenovela! If you're craving some more spiciness in your life, turn on Jane the Virgin and cook this hot tomato sauce, reminiscent of Gloria's fiery sass. Pour it over some spaghetti squash for a lighter option after those heavy holiday eats. 

Last Resort Insider Tip

If, like me, you're deep into the second season of Narcos and Escobar's pursuit is too damn riveting for you to pause and cook any of these snacks: don't forget about the pantry, ya filthy animal. 

Now you have what you need to make sure you enjoy your snacking as much as you enjoy your binge watching. If you need help, keep an eye out for the food featured on your favorite shows. It may just be the snack inspiration you need.