Move over Sour Cream. Move over Ranch. There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is French Onion. His authority, once relegated to potato chips and a tasty soup, has expanded, and he can now be seen strutting his stuff around town. 

French Onion is chomping at the bit to show what he is capable of, and lucky for me, I was able to get a sneak peak of his tour to conquer the world. Here is what I got to see. (Tour includes six new ways to eat French Onion dip.)


meat, pizza, bacon, pastry
Jayna Goldstein

Pizza is not always outgoing when it comes to trying new things. It knows what it is good at and sticks to it. Occasionally it will dabble with some ranch. However, this is just when it's getting its feet wet. But now, it is ready to cannonball into the deep end with French Onion.

Drizzling some FOD (French onion dip for you acronym-averse folk out there) over the top and enjoy a contrast of temps — hot and gooey cheese and cool FOD — that combine to form a taste soon to be repeated. Dipping is also an option for those inclined.


corn, nachos, tacos, salsa, sour cream, chicken, cream
Jayna Goldstein

Much like with a traditional variety of "late-night throw some cheese on tortilla chips and zap" nachos, FOD can be used much in the same vain as sour cream here. However, for the bold at heart, or dare I say innovative, dolloping some FOD onto the center of your nachos is an option. The melted cheese compliments nicely here with French Onion.

Advice for those who like to Instagram your snacks: work on your dolloping skills before placing onto the nachos. French Onion can be stubborn, and not want to fly off the spoon smoothly like his counterpart Sour Cream.


tomato, chili, meat, beef, cheese, lettuce, vegetable, bread, tacos, salsa
Jayna Goldstein

Here's another example of where FOD can be substituted in for something else. In this case, FOD filled in admirably, maintaining a nice spot on top of the taco, just like that of sour cream or guacamole. A subtle layer to complete the taco is all that is needed to have its presence felt.

Mashed Potatoes 

parsley, pasta, cream
Jayna Goldstein

This is where the true talents of FOD are showcased. Blended into some mashed potatoes is where FOD should always be. Much like Michael Scott belonging at Dunder Mifflin, French Onion belongs here — without him, it's not the same. If stirred well enough the two coexist beautifully, becoming stronger together.

Sprinkle in some sautéed onions and parsley flakes to really fill it out. Then proceed to make at home the next time you visit and illustrate to your parents that you really do learn something in college. No thanks needed.

Burger Sliders 

brioche, pretzel
Jayna Goldstein

There is absolutely nothing cuter than burger sliders, except burger sliders with FOD (and maybe Hermione Granger, circa Deathly Hallows Part 1). Slab, and yes I mean slab, some FOD on the bun, close bun onto burger, and feast. Tinker with some tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions and, of course, cheese to complete your mini-burgers. 


carrot, vegetable
Jayna Goldstein

For those who want a healthier option or as a way for you to get your vegetables in, feel free to bring out some FOD. Carrots, celery, cauliflower, and anything else get along with FOD — he doesn't discriminate.

Much like Ranch and Sour Cream, French Onion is a jack-of-all trades. He has been slightly shy up to this point, but here is his coming out party. Watch out world, and prepare!