The social media world is infinitely growing. With millions and millions of accounts online, it can be difficult to find accounts that interest you and are worth following. As a foodie, I’m constantly looking for the next food Instagram account to follow. In this article, I have created a list of food Instagram accounts that you need to follow.

1. Michael Zee @symmetrybreakfast

This account features a variety of symmetrical breakfasts with a bright, colorful backdrop. From pancakes to rice noodles, this account is full of aesthetically-pleasing images guaranteed to liven up your feed. Michael Zee, the owner of @symmetrybreakfast, also sells a cookbook featuring these creative food images and recipes that go along with them. With detailed captions and posts multiple times a week, this account is a must-follow.

2. Laura Wright @thefirstmess

For any vegans out there, this account is perfect for you. Full of a variety of vegan recipes, this account guarantees plenty of fun, lively images for your Instagram feed. This account goes with a website of the same name that features the recipes you see on Instagram. Laura Wright, the owner of this account, also has a website with even more recipes. For vegans and non-vegans alike, there are recipes for everyone on this account.

3. Lorde @onionringsworldwide

If you’re looking for a celebrity-run food account, this is the account for you. This candid food Instagram account is run by singer-songwriter Lorde. This account features onion ring reviews on everything from chain restaurant onion rings to Funyuns. Though this account has limited posts, it’s always a treat when she does post. A fun way to look at onion rings and a fun side of Lorde, this account is a win-win.  

4. Shirley Wong @littemissbento

This adorable account features creations guaranteed to brighten your day. Each photo on this account displays fun, simple recipes that have fun designs created with them. The designs range from everything from cows to Frankenstein. Shirley, the self-proclaimed food artist, runs this account. If you want a food account that brings out the kid in you, this food account is perfect for you. 

5. Dennis Prescott @dennistheprescott

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, this account is for you. Full of delicious recipes, this Instagram account will up your cooking game as there’s a recipe for everything from shrimp-stuffed lobster to steak avocado toast. With beautiful photos highlighting the food, it will make any follower motivated to try these ambitious recipes. Dennis Prescott, the host of Netflix’s Restaurants On The Edge, is a talented chef sure to spice up your kitchen.

Food Fanatic

Whether you want recipe inspiration or aesthetically-pleasing images of food, I hope there’s an Instagram account on this list that piques your interests. Instagram is full of many fun food accounts and these are only some of the many accounts that are right at your fingertips. For more food accounts to follow, check out this Spoon article from Bucknell University.