All social media platforms have been dominated by photos of food, but we can mostly thank Instagram for this food obsessive frenzy. Many people are guilty of meticulously organizining their plates to snap pictures of it from every possible angle striving to capture a photo of #foodporn quality.

Although there is an excessive amount of unfortunate food pictures throughout Instagram, there are some people who have genuinely nailed the art of “foodstagramming” and deserve our recognition (and a follow).

The following accounts are sure to cue drooling:

1. @dennistheprescott

Saturday is for breakfast burgers & 90's hip hop.

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We love Dennis because he not only personally cooks everything he posts AND takes every picture himself, but he also posts almost every recipe to his blog YUM to every single one of them.

2. @food52

The crew behind 52 know how to make any dish look elegant and absolutely scrumptious. These pics are pure artistry.

3. @pinchofyum

Lindsay Ostrom captures comfort foods in the most sophistacted manor. She just happens to Insta everything from that large decadent dinner spread you’re longing for, to that simple craving for a bowl of cereal.

4. @infatuation

The Infatuation is primarily a fun (and informative) source of restaurant reviews geared towards you and me (the typical amateur foodie). Their Insta-game is so good that you’ll find yourself involuntarily murmuring “OMG.”

5. @spoonforkbacon 

Honey-Hoisin Spare Ribs #dinner

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Besides being our favorite account name (

6. @thefeedfeed

Julie Resnick posts every kind of food, snack and dessert on her “feed feed,” but no matter what she is featuring, every photo evokes a sense of tranquility, while also making us hungry savages. We commend her for pulling off that weird but very impressive effect.

7. @culinarybrodown

We admire Josh Scherer for both his wit and constant stream of carb-loaded culinary masterpieces. It’s a safe bet that his favorite food is a burger, considering delectable burger creations are featured in half of his posts–all the more reason to love the guy (or just follow him).

8. @everything_bagels

Mondays may suck, but this bagel rocks! Credit: @hungrybetches

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This account is your source for all things bagels. They post any and every delicious sandwich creation, sweet or savory. As long as it’s held together on either end by, you guessed it, a glorious bagel, this account has got it covered… Yum, yum and yum.

9. @new_fork_city

The girls behind this account might not always be responsible for cooking the dishes they post, but they sure know where to find the best looking food in NYC. We are also very grateful that they always tag their location so that we can get our hands on some of the beautiful grub.

10. @smittenkitchen

the perfect blueberry crumb cake, on today (link in profile)

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Although they may post a little too infrequently for some to appreciate, this account’s pictures and corresponding recipes are undeniably mouthwatering.

11 & 12. @spoon_bucknell & @spoonuniversity (duh)

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We couldn’t name the best foodstagrams without tipping our own hat…But really, if you don’t already, follow both of our amazing Spoon Instagram accounts. You should probably go ahead and click that button right now…

The Spoon University account is generally awesome because it features all of the best foodstagrams collected from all Spoon chapters; and lets face it, Spoon knows their stuff. The Bucknell account gives all of us stranded in central Pennsylvania inspiration and suggestions for tasty food options.

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