We've all been there. Thursday night rolls around and it's time for the weekend. If you're 21+ you might be headed to the bar for a fun night out with your friends, and if you're not, you're probably finding somewhere to use your fake ID (we've all done it). But there's nothing better than pre-gaming with your closest friends and jamming out. Especially when a Billy Joel song comes on. 

Let's face it. The man is a musical genius and legend. He has come out with some of the most famous and popular songs today. And if you don't know them, shame on you. Here are six songs by the legend himself to complete your night at the bar. 

1. "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"

"A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?" Frankly, every night should start with at least one. Just like your night, this Billy Joel song is filled with unexpected twists. Hey, it's basically three songs in one! This isn't a song to finish your drink to — it's a song to finish three drinks to. Cheers, to the next 7 minutes of glory.

2. "We Didn't Start The Fire"

Another classic. This one is best sang when you're drunk enough to sing on the table, but sober enough to not throw a chair across the bar. If you can pull this one off without screwing up, it's safe to say you're a legend.

3. "Piano Man"

Sad about an ex? Stressed about work next week? Say no more. Just grab the mic and some liquid confidence. No one can deny that "Piano Man" is an instant crowd pleaser. I mean, it's a song about a drunk dude at the bar who just wants to jam out (basically what the crowd wants from you). So, go ahead and sing us a song tonight.

Disclaimer: This one should be saved for last call. Everyone knows the best songs don't come on until 2 a.m. 

4. "Only The Good Die Young"

The ultimate college motto, don't you agree? Find your friends, throw back your drink and make Billy proud. (Side note: We should probably stop taking these lyrics SO literally).

5. "Uptown Girl"

"Nothing good happens past midnight." WRONG! You know what happens? "Uptown Girl." Let's face it, this song combined with moderate to heavy drinking is the perfect combo for your night out.

6. "The Longest Time"

No one came to the bar to listen to a group of girls sing along to the Chainsmoker's latest hit. We came for a reason to drink, maybe a few regrets, but most of all, drunk karaoke. 

Next time you're ready to go out, make sure to pregame with at least one of these legendary classics. Trust me, it will only make your night better.