Unless you're the type of person who can make cardboard taste like a 5-star cuisine, you probably settle for an oatmeal breakfast in its blandest form: oats, water and a dash of salt. But wait, mother nature has got your back! There are many ways to use oatmeal that doesn't involve digesting it, here are a few you can try today.

1. Facial Mask

Oats have been used for centuries as a natural skin and hair treatment. Due to its anti-inflammatory compounds, oatmeal soothes and moisturizes dry and itchy skin. It's also an ideal treatment for skin conditions like acne. Here's a quick and simple recipe that you can use with just a few household items.  

2. Dog Bath

Good news for dog lovers, the nutrients contained in oatmeal aren't limited to only humans. Your pets can reap the benefits as well. If you have a dog that suffers from allergies or itchy skin, try this recipe.   

3. Odor Absorber

College students can get lazy when it comes to a routine fridge cleaning. Those nasty odors can pile up quick. If a total scrub down sounds too much work, you can try an alternative oat-friendly method. Just fill a bowl with a few scoops of uncooked oats and place it in your refrigerator. 

4. Sun Burn Treatment

The moisturizing and soothing effects of oatmeal can help with more than just dry, flaky skin, it's also a great way to fight a sunburn. This method is a quick 4-step process that'll help cool the dreaded burn during summer months. 

5. Plastic Bag Storage

Okay, so maybe this utility isn't for oatmeal specifically, but I thought it was clever and very useful. In the average household, plastic bags multiply like rabbits and stick around like a bad hangover, at least now you've got a place to neatly store them. 

The options listed above are few in number but I hope you found them to be helpful. And just remember the next time you come face-to-face with a towering tube of dry oats: they are what you make them. Try out some of these ideas and tell us how they worked for you in the comment section.