If you haven’t noticed, veganism is trending right now. And whether it’s to save the environment or the animals, there’s good reason for it. But even if you’re not fully vegan, incorporating vegan meals into your life doesn’t hurt. Here are five easy vegan dinners, each with five ingredients or less(besides olive oil and salt & pepper, because if you don’t already have those you shouldn’t be cooking anyway).


gif fajitas

Tortillas + Beans + Peppers + Mushrooms + Avocado. Just saute the peppers and mushrooms over heat and add to tortilla along with beans and avocado. 5 Ingredients away from a fiesta in your mouth. With a slight twist, you can also make vegan tacos.

Stir Fry

gifstir fry

Myth: You need teriyaki chicken for a solid stir fry. Saute tofu and veggies in Teriyaki sauce, add to rice, and you have yourself a super easy and delicious dinner bowl. Get the full recipe here.

Vegan Pizza


Pita Bread + Tomato Sauce + Mushroom + Vegan cheese and bake for 10-15 min at 400degrees. Add arugula. Who says you have to give up pizza to be vegan?

#SpoonTip: Make sure pita bread is vegan by checking the ingredients for any added milk or eggs. Or you can just make your own crust.

Tomato Basil Linguine


Cook pasta, then add tomato sauce, garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes, and basil. Savor a taste of Italy, vegan style.

Sweet Potato Fries with Guac


Bake sweet potato fries with cajun seasoning and make super simple guac by mashing avocado with cilantro. Fries for dinner? Yes.