For all of you who have already broken your New Year's resolution of getting fit, or are anticipating consuming cheat sweets, what better way to indulge than with chocolate? Try switching it up with these unique chocolate treats.

1. Cocoa Tea

Ally Tobler

Sorry chamomile, hibiscus, mint, and green tea, you've just been shown up. Chocolibrium sells cocoa tea. That's right. You won't have to choose between hot chocolate and tea anymore because this is simply best of both worlds. This is also perfect for your inner hipster -- who's 80% made up of herb water.

2. Cherry Walnut Fudge

Ally Tobler

Who says chocolate has to be brown? Not this cherry and walnut fudge. Now you don't have to worry about consuming pure sugar if you purchase this hunk of goodness -- you'll also get your required daily intake of fruits and nuts. But in all seriousness, this fudge is great for those who love a little added crunch to their chocolate and for those who like to take endless pictures of their food before eating it. 

3. (Colossal) Vegan Peanut Butter Cup

Ally Tobler

Even your vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free friends can enjoy chocolate this holiday season. Dear Coco Chocolate, an award-winning chocolatier company, produces sweet creations that are sure to make you drool, and this colossal peanut butter cup (made with dark chocolate, Virginia peanuts and French Grey sea salt), is just one of them. Dear Coco also sells chocolate bars, truffles, and hot chocolate sticks, just to name a few.

4. Hot Chocolate a Mug

Ally Tobler

Name a cuter way to consume hot chocolate. I'll wait. This jar, filled to the brim with powdered milk and creamer, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, candy canes and marshmallows, is a simple present. You gotta admit, it's also way more exciting than Swiss Miss packets or K-cups. This is also extremely easy to make on your own. The options don't end with hot chocolate either; you can also jar cookie mix, brownie mix, you name it. 

5. Old Bay Fudge Crabs

Ally Tobler

Don't worry, there aren't actual crabs incorporated into this fudge from Coco Couture. But it is topped with a dusting of, that's right, Old Bay seasoning. Enjoy the taste of a Maryland staple paired fearlessly with chocolate. You never know, you may start sprinkling Old Bay on everything you eat after trying one of these fudge crabs.

You didn't last January without eating sweets again. So what? It's the thought that counts. Besides, life is too short and there are too many types of delectable chocolates to cut sugar out for a whopping 30 days. Maybe next year.