How much homework do you have?

a) none

b) a little bit

c) an actual mountain

d) *starts laughing, which quickly turns into sobbing

Who hates homework? You can put your hands down, everyone. You'd think that this general consensus would discourage professors from handing out so much of the hated stuff, and yet THIS continues to happen:

(an accurate depiction of me running away from my homework)

Homework is especially diabolical because it doesn't go away until you actually sit down and do it. But it's really not as simple as that; it's not like you get one assignment per week. It's feasible that you could have homework in every class. Not knowing where to start only further delays getting anything done, so to help you out, here are 5 tips to conquer that mountain of homework.

1. List all the assignments you have this week (go through each class and club)

How are you going to be able to do your homework if you don't know what your homework is? One of the worst feelings in the world is getting to class and remembering that you had homework due. In order to avoid that, look through the syllabus of each class you're taking. Then look at things due in the following weeks. These are the things you'l want to focus on.

#SpoonTip: here are some ways to battle finals stress!

2. Prioritize said list by due dat

I am incredibly guilty of choosing to work on assignments due Friday because they look like they're going to be less terrible than the assignments due on Monday. But, really think for a second about how stressed out you're going to be if you finish your Thursday paper but haven't even started on you Tuesday Powerpoint. So, grab a healthy snack and get that Monday paper done.

3. Do the harder assignments first

Suppose you have two assignments due on the same day. Assess for yourself which you believe is going to take longer. Think, if you have a 100 word response to a 5 minute video and a 2 page reflection paper both due the same day, which do you think you should complete first?

Don't pretend the choice is a hard one. Plus, it's nice to have an easy assignment to do as your last assignment, as opposed to one that will reduce you to tears (no one likes sobbing in the library).

4. Schedule breaks for yourself

chocolate, popcorn
Andrea Leelike

Bless breaks. They are truly the things that can save you from feeling entirely overwhelmed. Give yourself a 5 minute break for every 20 minutes of doing homework. If you're pulling a Sunday Homework Marathon, give yourself a 20 minute break for every hour of studying. Watch a Vine compilation (do those still exist?) , scroll through Insta, do whatever short-term enjoyable activity that your heart desires.

5. Treat Yo Self!

cookie sandwich, hand, Cookies, cookie, birthday cake, chocolate, sandwich, icing
Josi Miller

Listen: you were not put on this earth to do nothing but homework. Watch a movie after you finish that 5 page paper! Make cookies after you turn in that speech outline! Remind your friends that you aren't dead by inviting them to come watch a movie and eat cookies! 

You can do this!