Studying for finals equals boredom — and boredom equals hunger. With that said, there is no better thing to do while cramming for finals than to sit back, take a study break and stalk some bomb food pages on The Gram. 

Here are the best of the best, that are sure to get your stomach grumbling super loud in the dead silent library:

1. @love_food

One of the most popular food pages on Insta — "Love Food" has over 7M followers and posts everything from "Sushi Donuts" in Los Angeles to "Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza" in Brooklyn. 

Word of advice: skip the studying and just keep scrolling. 

2. @foodbabyny

I dont know what's cuter — the baby, or the beignets. 

However, I do know that New York doesn't mess around when it comes to their food scene and "Food Baby NY" is showcasing the greasiest, yummiest creations all over the Big Apple, along with their super cute "food babies." 

3. @thenaughtyfork

For all you South Florida foodies, "The Naughty Fork" is your guide to all things delish from Key West to Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. 

The Naughty Fork will make you forget about that South Beach diet, along with your finals. 

4. @buzzfeedtasty

Once you click on one of these videos, you won't be able to stop. "Buzz Feed Tasty" shows you how to make some of the coolest recipes along with heavenly videos of their famous "Bacon Mac and Cheese Pot Pie" and super gooey "S'mores Skillet."

This page will make you want to get up, strut out of the library and enroll in culinary school. 

5. @foodyfetish

"Food Fetish" will make you question why you're not face first in an ice-cream stuffed doughnut from "B Sweet" in LA. 

No matter where you are from, this page will have something for you and their other 1.5M followers. 

When it comes to stalking food pages on Instagram, the pictures speak for themselves.  So, take a quick study break and "treat yo-self" to some of the best virtual food on the Internet. Trust me, you deserve it.