Cheers to the freaking weekend. That means going out, having fun, probably drinking too much, probably eating too much, and overall, making questionable decisions. Oh, and also school work, and maybe the gym. You pack a lot into your weekends, OK?

Sometimes nights on the weekend can be so much fun that your important school and wellness to-dos become pretty hard to accomplish the next day. But, what if there was a way to have your fun and and get stuff done, too? Here are some things you can do after a night out, but before you go to bed, so you can wake up feeling good and have a somewhat productive day. 

1. Water, Water, Water

H2O is key. Everyone is your best friend when you're drunk, but when you return to your room at night, water is ACTUALLY your bestie. Alcohol is obviously dehydrating, and can leave you feeling gross the next day if you don't chug some agua along with it. Since you're probably not sipping water when you're out, make up for it at the end of the night. This way, you will spare some of the consequences the next morning, and hopefully wake up feeling ready to go. 

2. Lay It Out

Before you go to bed, you tell yourself you will sweat out all the alc and drunk eats the next morning at the gym. You swear you will start fresh tomorrow and be super healthy. TBH, this isn't going to happen, unless you plan for it in that moment. Put out a workout outfit including socks and shoes so you have no excuse not to put it on when you wakeup. If your goal for the day is to hit the library and be productive, pack your backpack and have it out. Be prepared for whatever it is you want to do the next day.

3. Don't Deprive Yourself of Drunchies

I know the mozzarella sticks dipped in marinara with fries and warm chocolate chip cookies are exactly what you think you deserve, especially after seeing the boy you like flirting with another girl at the bar. But, they are only going to make you more upset when you wake up in the morning feeling like sh*t. To prevent waking up sluggish, avoid overly sugary or fatty foods before bed. Instead, choose something light and easy to digest like pretzels, rice cakes, or fruit. You deserve to feel great (and a man who recognizes your awesomeness). 

4. Clean Up Your Life

The WOAT feeling is when you wake up smelling like beer with your room as messy as the frat house you were in. When the first thing you see is a mess, it gives you less motivation to get up and get going. Instead, you want to procrastinate all the cleaning you need to do. To prevent this, at least put the clothes on your bed away (rather than throwing them on the floor) and if you're up for it, shower when you get back from a night out. You'll feel good about not having to take that step in the morning.

5. Hit the Hay Early

Sleep is the best drug for helping you feel rejuvenated the next morning. As fun as going to that extra bar at the end of the night sounds, so does waking up the next day not hating yourself for doing so. Maybe skip it tonight to get some sleep, and I'm talking before 4 am. Your body will thank you when you're not only not hungover, but not exhausted the next morning. Sleep is for the strong, right? 

Next time your parents ask how your weekend was, you can say that it honestly was productive (without sacrificing your wild college nights out). All it takes is a few moves when you get back to your room, and you will have saved yourself for the next day. If you follow these simple steps, sober you will thank drunk you endlessly.