The NBC hit drama "This Is Us" has captured the hearts and tears of many people. In fact, many call the show the therapy they never had. In September, it returned for its second season to continue its heart-wrenching, beautiful story. 

If you're not familiar, throughout the episodes, there are flashbacks from the past, along with clips in the present, to reveal the interwoven connections of the characters and their stories. It takes audiences to breathtaking highs of love and joy, but also unveils the struggles and heartaches people face every day.

While you break out those tissue boxes and dream of a husband like Jack Pearson, here are some easy, comfort snack ideas while you watch the most honest and authentic show on television.

1. Lemonade

Daniel Schuleman

In the series premiere, Jack receives the advice, "There's no lemon so sour that you can't make something resembling lemonade," from the doctor who delivers two of his children. So while sitting back and watching the show, make some lemonade to remind yourself of the impact that you have on your own life. Who knew lemonade could be so inspirational?

2. Popcorn & Chocolate 

Kirby Barth

Get out the popcorn bag, break open the M&M's, and mix them together for this sweet and salty treat. That's right, it's the classic and easy combination no one can get enough of. "This Is Us" captures the everyday joy of simplicity and the acceptance of life being messy, and this recipe sure holds that to be true. 

3. Waffle Grilled Cheese 

Rebecca Pang

Try out the sweetest spots of a waffle with the gooiest parts of a grilled cheese to create the ultimate waffle grilled cheese. You can make the waffles the day of or freeze them ahead of time. Then, once Tuesday nights roll around, grab a waffle and some cheese to form a sweeter, more sophisticated take on a popular childhood meal. It's a sweet and savory mix perfect for the whirlwind of emotions brought by "This Is Us." 

4. Pizza Bagels 

butter, apple
Rebecca Pang

Pizza bagels are a quick, effortless meal to make, while you run to catch the next episode of "This Is Us." Grab some bagels, spread some sauce, drizzle mozzarella cheese, add other toppings, and then plop it into the microwave or oven. The show itself will make you feel nostalgic and reflective of your past, so you might as well eat this staple childhood meal for the ultimate search into your feelings.

5. Mug Cakes 

Aishwarya Arora

Bite into this soothing, decadent chocolate cake in a mug while another twist finds its way into the lives of the Pearson family. This basic recipe for chocolate cake at your fingertips takes less than 10 minutes and is perfect for a mid-commercial break. 

"This Is Us" has touched people's lives during a time when people need something to hold onto and connect with, even if its only for an hour on Tuesday nights. These are just a few meal ideas that are perfect for the real and authentic therapy session that is "This Is Us."