If you're anything like my girl, Meredith Grey, and me, tequila is the first thing that you're going to reach for if you plan to get a little (or a lot) tipsy.  However, sometimes going shot for shot with your current crush and get a little old, and you want to get a little more creative. Here are five recipes to help you do just that. 

1. Tequila Caramel Corn

caramel, wheat, kettle corn, cereal, corn, popcorn
Stephanie Marchuk

If you love popcorn and  tequila, this recipe is perfect for your next movie night. It's a 10/10 recommend. 

2. Tequila Infused Salsa

Brooke Hamroff

There seems to be something so natural about pairing tequila with salsa. This recipe is a personal favorite, and it impressed all of my friends at our last dinner night. 

3. Tequila Lemon Sorbet

citrus, lemon, juice, sweet
Paige Marie Rodgers

Nothing is more perfect for relaxing by the pool this summer than tequila lemon sorbet.  Tequila, lemon sorbet, need I say more? 

4. Deep Fried Tequila

coffee, apple, ice, milk, beer, juice, cider, tea
Renee Chiu

This one was a little out there for me. However, my southern roots made me excited to try it out. I am happy to report that this recipe did not disappoint. 

5. Tequila Donut Holes

Kassie McIntyre

This one also combines two of my favorite things: tequila and donuts. You really can't go wrong with this magical combination. 

I hope this delicious list brought you everything that you were looking for and helps you make your life a little more tasty. Always, drink responsibly.