You probably already know that the University of Dayton has over 200 clubs, but you might not know about all of the exciting food happenings Dayton has. Want to be in the know the new restaurants, festivals, and foodie events in Dayton? Well, then Spoon University is going to be your guide for all things food and health on and off campus.

Even more exciting than following Spoon is joining spoon! Prior experience isn't required but a passion and time are. So let's consider the five signs that you should join, find a new platform to share, and engage in this global community.

1. The last picture you took was of food.

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Carolyne Su

Even when you're getting those pesky "storage almost full" notifications, food shots are your priority. Whether you're snapping them to your best friend or throwing it up on your Instagram feed, not only do you want to share the experience, you want to remember that perfect avocado toast. Maybe being a photographer or marketer on the team is in your future!

2. You plan your week around food. 

Hayden Carder

Wednesdays are for grain bowls at VWK right? I have to give UD props for always keeping it fresh with the always changing options but at this point, I probably have the schedule at VWK better memorized than my class schedule. If not only keeping up with the options and keeping a good schedule are some of strengths, then you should consider applying those skills to more events. Plan a group Saturday trip to Second Street Market

3. You see the connections between food and just about everything else. 

Sally Bornbusch

Are issues like environmental protection, social justice, health care, or workers' rights important you? With UD's Human Rights Center and the Hanley Sustainability Institute, we're all hearing about crises around the world and what we can do. Be an activist through Spoon and tell people about the connections you're seeing. How does your diet affect the planet? What are the implications of where we buy our food? How do different business treat their workers? How do we make a positive difference? Tell us!

4. You want to explore Dayton more. 

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Sierra Baldwin

Sometimes it's hard to breakout of the UD bubble but when you do, you don't regret it. Maybe you already know the classics like Bill's (peep Bill's on national top donut lists!) and Dewey's but there so much more going on in the food scene.

From little know gems like White Lotus and new places like Old Scratch Pizza, to events like the annual Apple Fest and weekly Oakwood Farmer's Market, there are so many options. As a Spoon chapter, we can visit together, share our experience, and build community. 

5. Your looking for something to set you apart. 

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Katherine Baker

Were you recently in an interview where they asked when you have been a leader? When you organized a team? When you showed initiative? When you pushed you limits? Worked under deadlines? Let Spoon be your answer to all of those!

By investing some of your time, you can step into a leadership role you might not have imagined for yourself. With all the support from Spoon HQ, you can be sure you'll be creating content you can be proud of. 

If you matched any of the five signs, apply today to join UD's chapter of Spoon! Exciting to hear from all of you future writers, marketers, photographers, and videographers!