Labor Day is right around the corner, which means that you'll probably be at an actual event with friends, brunch of some sort, at a barbeque, or cracking a few with the boys. Because all of these things have ties back to drinking and because it's rosé szn, here are the top rosé based cocktails that should be drinking on Labor Day.

1. Three Olives' Red, White & Rosé 

Consisting of a recipe that calls for a singular part of rosé vodka with soda water and two full dashes of Peychaud's Bitters, Three Olive's 'Red, White & Rosé' cocktail is perfect for those that want to drink, but aren't looking to spend a million and one years whipping up a drink for themselves. Besides, the actual recipe only consists of three steps, so you'll be able to drink in no time. Just don't go too heavy with the rosé vodka, unless you want the drink to taste like a shot... unless that's your goal, then you do you.

2. Santa Margherita's Frozé Watermelon Granita

This frozé watermelon granita recipe ties in with Labor Day in the sense that it's definitely got a chill vibe going for it. It'll also help you remain trendy during Labor Day since it is summer after all, aka rosé szn. The best part about the recipe that's used to make this drink is that it only includes three ingredients, which is perfect for those without a lot of time or space to make drinks in batches of four for a barbeque of some sort.

3. Código 1530's Rosa 75

Next up on the list is a drink for the tequila lovers out there. Using Código's rosa tequila, lemon juice, and rosé, you pour the concoction over ice and then shake it for 30 seconds, as stated in the recipe. To add to the fun, add more rosé to the top of the drink once you're all done, which is also a step that's mentioned in the recipe. The drink ties back to Labor Day in the sense that you're going to need something to help calm you down if you end up in a heated argument at an event... not that drinking's the end all solution, but it's more of a calmer downer. 

4. The Bitter Millennial Gin and Tonic

While this recipe is via Refinery29, it involves Wölffer Estate's rosé gin; you know, the same company behind 'Summer in a Bottle Rosé?' Yeah, them. Not only will this drink be a real crowd pleaser, but the name of it describes most of the people that you'll probably be surrounded by. Help everyone be less bitter, despite if they're a millennial or not; may you bless them with food and booze (specifically rosé based cocktails) at every corner of the event venue.

5. Strawberry Rosé Slushie

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Andrea Leelike

Using a singular bottle of the new limited edition Cirque du Soleil rosé ($19.99/750ml bottle), a pound of fresh strawberries, and half a cup of elderflower liquor, you're now able to have an actual slushie that's not only magical but tastes like strawberries. You're welcome.

While these drinks might be "too girly" or "too weak" for your drinking preferences, don't knock them off of your list before you try them; also keep in mind that it's never safe to binge drink and that you should always have a plan and a designated driver beforehand so that you could celebrate Labor Day in peace.