With the foodie culture wave giving us all kind of food trends ranging from avocado toast to everything unicorn, it can be hard to keep track of what to eat and where. That’s where Spoon comes in. The food publication for the average college student that gives you the know-how of what/where to eat around campus, as well as kitchen tips, creative recipes and more. Want some more great news? Spoon University is coming to UNT and looking for people like you to join the team!

Do you consider yourself a foodie and want to share your secrets on the best spots around campus? Do you love watching Tasty videos and want to create your own original content? Want to hone your photography skills for our foodstagram or create your own articles to share with millions of readers around the world ? Then come be a part of our chapter. If those reasons aren’t tempting enough, here are five more!

Make friends who love food as much as you do!

No longer will you have to be judged for taking a dozen photos of your meal. You will have teammates who understand and won't judge your passion for food—because we have it too. Going on food adventures at 1 AM will never have to be a lonely experience ever again. Not to mention, you can connect and collaborate with others in your area that share the same passions as you. 

Gain valuable skills and opportunities!

Maybe you want to learn how to write an article, edit photos, produce videos or plan a campus wide event. With Spoon, you can do all those things and more! Not to mention, it will look crazy good on your resume and can even help you gain experience to land that dream internship or job. You’ll also learn other valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management.

Plus, since we are brand new, you can go down in history as a founding member of our chapter. You don’t even have to be a marketing/photography/journalism major — as long as you love food and are passionate we would LOVE to have you join.

Share your voice on topics that matter to you!

Spoon is all about making content that is genuine and relatable. It’s a publication made BY students FOR students. By joining our chapter, you’ll gain the platform to share your own unique ideas and opinions. You can talk about where to get the best barbecue in the state or even delve into deeper issues like your struggles with body image. The possibilities are endless.

You can become famous (kinda)!

Okay, so you may not be able to walk on the red carpet, but Spoon University is read worldwide daily, with some articles getting millions of views! Who knows, it may be YOUR article or video that is featured on the next issue or catching thousands of likes. Talk about bragging rights.


So you may not get free food ALL the time, but through different partnerships and events you’ll likely be able to reap the benefits and score some free goodies once in a while. As we all know, free stuff is every college student's dream.

Plus, if you apply now you will receive 300 Flex Dollars and unlimited Beth Marie's for life! JK, but if you want to have fun and be a part of this awesome team, then apply now. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook while you're at it! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message via any of our social media or email us at untspoon@gmail.com.