So here we are, at the start of another fall semester at Duke University, and you're probably wondering, "HOW am I going to fill my hours and hours of free time?" Maybe you'll dabble in student government for a week or so, maybe you'll try going to a few Duke Football games (Bull City strong!), but ultimately, you'll realize that none of these is your true calling. You need a community centered on a passion for really good food. You need a space to spread the wings of your creativity. You need Spoon! So, Blue Devils, here are the 5 reasons why you should join Spoon Duke this semester.

1. Be a Part of Something BIG

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Spoon University

While you might think you're just adding yourself to another Duke listserv, when you become a Spoon member, you're actually joining a national organization. With a network of hundreds of campus chapters creating and contributing amazing content, Spoon is truly the authority on all things food for college students. The work you do with Duke's chapter won't just impact our campus here, but also campuses across the US.  

2. Foodie Friends!

You love food, we love food, let's love food together! Joining Spoon helps you connect with other Blue Devils who are just as passionate about cooking, photographing, talking about, and eating incredible food. Surround yourself with friends who won't judge you for posting pics of your meals on Insta, because here we all know that the phone (or camera) eats first. 

3. Produce Content that Interests You

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Spoon University

Here at Spoon, we're all about having the creative freedom to do what you want. That's why everything that you produce with us, from articles and photographs to social media posts and campus events, is entirely based on what interests YOU. Want to do a photography series on new Durham restaurants? Go for it. Want to write a goofy piece comparing Duke guys to Cook Out milkshakes? All the power to you. The possibilities are endless. 

4. Become (almost) Internet Famous

Joining Spoon is a great way to get exposure for your work, whether you're writing articles or managing our social media accounts. Being a part of a national organization means that your work has the ability to travel beyond Durham and onto phones and laptop screens across the US. Our Instagram account alone has over 3k followers and counting. Between features on Spoon University's homepage and Facebook shares, your content can get hundreds of thousands of views. Forbes 30 Under 30, is that you? 

5. The FOOD, duh!

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Spoon University

One of the things you should know about Durham is that it's a foodie city through and through, and the best way to have the latest scoop on all the new restaurants is to join Spoon. Whether you're planning a collab event on campus with a new eatery or you're writing a feature about the latest restaurant opening up on Ninth Street, Spoon gives you the opportunity (excuse?) to stay up to date on everything food. 

Final Words

Spoon Duke is a vibrant and ever-growing community of foodies on Duke's campus. No matter what your skill set is, we'd love to have you as a member of our team and we hope you feel the same!