One of my favorite things to do Saturday mornings is go to the Pleasantville Farmers Market. I love seeing everyone come together, the live music playing, and most of all, trying samples of all the amazing things offered at each stand. That's how I came across More Good

Victoria Scalanga

Spotting the stand covered with colorful bottles of syrup and a small crowd formed around it eager to try everything, I decided to join in to see what all the buzz was about. From the moment I took my first taste of the seasonal flavor, Cucumber Mint Earl Grey, (probably one of my favorites), mixed with seltzer water, I became mesmerized with these syrups. After having the chance to interview the founder, Jason Schuler, I began to appreciate everything else this company does.

That's why I bring to you 5 reasons why you should add More Good into your life.

1. The Taste is Amazing 

Victoria Scalanga

Made with all real and organic ingredients, these syrups come in so many amazing flavors. From Classic Cola, Orange Pop, and Ginger Ale to more exotic flavors like Spiced Chai, Jalapeño Black Tea, and Roasted Cocoa, there are so many different kinds it's hard to choose which ones to take home with you. Plus, they also have seasonal flavors like Strawberry Peppercorn and Cucumber Mint Earl Grey to stir things up every once in a while.

2. Healthier Than Other Sugary Drinks 

More Good syrups are not made with corn syrup, preservatives, or anything else that's artificial. It's all natural which means for the most part, it's going to be healthier than other sugary drinks and sodas as long as you use the syrups according to the label on the back

3. More Than Just a Drink

Victoria Scalanga

As Jason Schuler likes to describe them, these syrups are "ingredients". They can be used as so much more than just with seltzer water. You can create cocktails, lightly sweeten your coffee and teas, marinate meat, and even use it for cooking and baking. And the best part about using a syrup for baking is that you replace the sugar content with a sweetener and flavor, so you knock out two steps with one.

4. Supports Local Farms

On top of all the regular syrups they create, there are also plenty of seasonal flavors made by local produce to look out for. Some of the places they work with are Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction and Wright Farms in Gardiner, NY. With each bottle of seasonal syrup sold, a dollar goes back to farm whose produce was used as an ingredient in the bottle.

5. Small Purchase = Global Impact

One of the many great things about More Good is not only their syrups but also their commitment to creating a positive impact on the world. Since the company started, they have continuously donated $4,000 each year to This ensures enough money to fund at least one water well throughout Ghana, Uganda, and Haiti, and within about 5 years of doing this, More Good has raised over $27,000, which built around 5 water wells so far. So not only are the syrups a great source of flavor, but they also give you the chance to make a larger impact just by buying a bottle. 

Like I said before, the syrups taste amazing and there is definitely a flavor out there for everyone. At about $12 a bottle, it may seem like a bit much for the typical college student, but there are a lot of great things that get put into the bottle and a lot of great things that happen just from buying it. And if you're like most people, constantly drinking water gets boring, so adding a splash of syrup will keep things interesting and keep you hydrated. 

And in addition to all the other reasons you should try this product, according to a lot of food trend forecasts of 2018, flavored sparkling beverages are going to be a huge hit. So, I definitely suggest to start stacking up on a few bottles now, and jump on the fast track to ditching sugary sodas out your life