Life is full of temptations. Let’s be honest, soda is one of the greatest liquid temptations around. While some temptations are avoidable, many are not. But whatever brand or drink tickles your taste buds, it can definitely be avoided. There are many reasons why soda is one of the most important temptations to avoid, here are a few of the most important. 

1. Your Teeth

Everyone should aim to have a bright and shining smile and to preserve the health of their pearly whites. One of the first things people see when looking at you is your teeth, so make em' nice. But did you know that soda’s citric acids work to erode teeth? Simply put, soda weakens enamel in your teeth causing cavities and other health issues. Drink some water instead, your teeth will be thanking you. 

2. Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Food is amazing, really amazing. Enjoy the good food worry free by cutting back on the unnecessary soda drinks that add unhealthy calories and fats to your daily diet. The sugar contained within soda turns into fat and doesn’t fulfill hunger or thirst, so why bother? Cut the soda, it just isn’t worth it. 

3. Save Your Money, Honey

As a college student, soda simply doesn’t make sense. A 36 case of water, which can provide for an entire week's worth of hydration, is around $4. A case of soda is closer to $15. Purchasing soda at restaurants, in the grocery store, or at the convenience store costs more money than getting a free glass of water. Save your wallet, cut back on the unnecessary spending of soda. 

4. Your Heart

Soda’s sugary contents can cause extreme health issues. Whether it be the large amounts of harmful chemicals or the lump amounts of sugar, soda is bad for the heart. Not only has soda been linked to heart attacks, but it has also been linked to heart disease in patients of varying ages. Drink some water, hydrate yourself, save your heart. 

5. Bad to the Bone

Bones. They are extraordinarily important, am I right? In the same way that your heart allows you to live, your bones allow you to move, walk, and to live life. Soda contains phosphate which works to weaken bones and bone density. Instead of the phosphate-filled soda, indulge in some vitamin C or calcium.

Your body is your temple, and honestly, so is your wallet, kind of. Respect yourself, your life, and your body enough to throw the soda to the side. The healthier alternatives are available at every corner. Trust me. If you pay mind to these facts and advice, your health and life will shine brighter and healthier.