Easter is one of the holiest celebrations of the year for all sects of Christianity. I am half Greek and half English so I get the best of both worlds and celebrate two Easters. The Orthodox Church celebrates Easter on a different religious calendar cycle than the Western Christian Churches and therefore typically have Easter on different days (but not this year). For me, this just means double the food and double the festivity.  

American Easter is always great as my dad puts on a giant easter egg hunt for my brother and I and we go from one giant feast to another. However, Greek Easter we celebrate each year at a giant party in Los Altos Hills that is put on by the family that owns Evvia and Kokkari (both famous greek restaurants in the Bay Area). I look forward to this party every year, but mostly the traditions that go along with the celebration as whole. Here's 5 reasons why Greek Easter is superior: 

5. Tsoureki 

Easter Bread is popular in many cultures, but traditional greek easter bread is the best in my personal opinion. It is perfect to accompany any main dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. 

4. Cracking dyed red eggs

In the Greek Tradition the game tsougrisma is very popular on Easter Sunday. The game is played between two people and the goal is to crack the side of your opponents egg. The person whose egg does not crack gets good luck for the rest of the year. Let it be known that last year I won in my family and I'm looking to reclaim my title this Easter. 

3. Ouzo

Greeks love to get drunk. As seen in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the stereotype of large parties and lots of drinking is absolutely true. The only thing the Greeks haven't perfected is a semi-decent tasting hard liquor option, so Ouzo is the drink of choice for traditional Greeks and it will definitely make you say "Opa!" after a couple of shots. 

2. Spit-roasted lamb

My mom always tells me stories about how when she was young, her dad (my Papou) got up early on Easter Sunday to set the lamb up on the spit to roast all day. *In the olden times* the family had to take turns rotating the lamb throughout the day while it cooked, but thank goodness for technology because now it turns on its own. 

1. Large Feasts with Friends and Family

Greek Easter is a great time where I get the opportunity to attend a giant party and celebrate the same traditions year after year with my favorite people in the whole world (my family..awww). Looking at photos year after year on the bridge makes me appreciate the whole event even more as it comes up. My Greek heritage is important to me and I want to make the most of every time I get to celebrate it. 

Everyone has special traditions they do on Easter, but I think Greek Easter has some of the most unique traditions. It is sad I will be on the other side of the country and won't be able to celebrate Easter at home this year. Instead will be studying for finals (yikes!), but I'll definitely be dying a batch of red eggs to test my luck with my friends here at school.