From curly straws to bendy straws, to little cocktail straws, using a straw can make even the most boring drink more fun. But these tiny tubes may actually be causing more harm than you think. Here's 5 reasons why you should stop using straws right now: 

1.  They'll give you wrinkles

You may not care a whole lot about wrinkles right now, but trust me, you'll care a lot when you're 50. I may sound weird, but that little sucking motion may cause you to develop fine lines around your lips. Do your 50-year-old self a favor and ditch the straw. 

2.  They're non-recyclable 


allenran 917 on Flickr

Most straws are non-recyclable. Every day 500 million straws are disposed everyday in the United States alone, which is enough to fill more than 127 school buses daily. If you insist on using one, opt for a more sustainable straw made of stainless steel  or bamboo.  

3. They're harming animals

Diving Maldives, 2009

Christian Steen on Flickr

I recently stumbled upon this video of a sea turtle with straw in its nostrils and it absolutely broke my heart. Marine animals such as seabirds and whales put their lives at risk by accidentally consuming them filling up their stomach with plastic straws.

4. They'll make you gassy

Many colored straws thrown on top of each other

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Drinking out of a straw causes extra air bubbles to form, which may cause you to feel gassy and uncomfortable. If you are concerned with getting bloated and burping a lot, going straw-free might be a solution.

5. They aren't really protecting your teeth

It is widely-believed that sipping beverages through a straw minimizes the tooth decay and staining. However, this only works when the straw is placed in the very back of your tongue, letting the drink go straight into the throat— which is quite challenging.

Drinking with a straw does not really make a big difference as much as brushing your teeth. In fact,  a dental professional claims that your teeth are already exposed if you have tasted the drinks. 

While straws may make drinking more fun, they're actually terrible for our health and our environment. By making the small decision to ditch your straw, you'll make a huge impact. Basically, just say "no" to straws.