It's time to Spoon, kids. And there's no campus more spoon friendly than UM's campus, am I right? So, what are you waiting for? Apply for Spoon-UMiami! I'm sure you've seen our kickass food Instagram, but if you don't know what Spoon University is, you've been been living in a hole and you're definitely not friends with me on FB, because that's 90% of my timeline.

But, for all ya noobs out there, Spoon University if an online food media publication site written by college students, for college students. We're looking for dope, talented, hardworking, and food-loving peeps to join our chapter. Interested in being a writer, marketer, videographer, photographer, or just semi-professional eater? Hit us up.

And as if that memento of mine wasn't enough, here are five reasons why you should join the gang. 

1. Our ED can teach you how to make rainbow shots

Spoon University

Hello, it's me—your ED (editorial director, aka leader of the squad). While interning at SpoonHQ this summer, I had the pleasure of having my own segment on Spoon's takeover of Food Network's Snapchat every Saturday, where I made science-inspired dranks. I can teach you the ways, young padawans. You too could reach mild Snapchat fame. 

2.  You can finally write about things you give a f*ck about

cream, chocolate, ice, sundae, cake, sprinkles, waffle
Katie Cruz

School's boring, we all know this. I mean, I can only BS my way through so many mundane topics. But that's why we have Spoon. Let your freak flag fly and let's get saucy. Let's talk about sex, baby. Let's talk about cheese, date night spots, and how to drink for free every night of the week

Write your little heart out, and we're here to help you along the way. Plus, it's a HUGE deal that your writing is getting published. You basically have the potential to be more viral than Kim K's butt injections. 

3. Get the skinny on Miami dining

Katie Cruz

A list of 50 places to eat in Miami before ya croak? Check. A student's guide to eating and drinking at the U? Check. Let us drop some knowledge on ya. We're the perfect platform for creating partnerships with different restaurants and businesses in the Miami area. 

4. Attend dope food events on and off campus

beer, tea, coffee
Meredith Davin

Not only do we host our very own, on-campus events, but Spoon HQ hosts events that members are lucky to attend. For example, I met @foodbabynyc at Spoon's Brainfood Conference this summer and I'm still star struck by that nugget of a child. 

5. You'll join an international community of foodies

pumpkin, cake, beer, pizza
Spoon University

Not only will you find your people at our chapter, but with over 160 (and counting!) Spoon chapters across the globe, it's safe to say you'll make some friends and connections along the way. I'm fortunate enough to say I have, and the same will happen to you, I promise. 

Convinced yet? Apply now before October 10th!