Urgh. So it's the morning after and you've got a few regrets. Perhaps that last snakebite wasn't the best idea? Maybe 2 for £5 jagerbombs weren't as good as you thought? Maybe you had one too many cocktails? Either way, you're suffering now, and you probably feel like you're going to die. Do not fear! I have a few hangover cures that might help you on your way to feeling alive again. 

1. Soup

I am a big fan of soup, for lunch, for dinner, or in this case for brunch! There's something about soup that makes it go down so easy, perhaps the fact that it's mostly liquid, or perhaps because it's full of veg- either way, I don't care! Hand me the tin opener!

soup, bread, cream, parsley, lobster bisque, vegetable, broth, pumpkin, garlic
Hui Lin

2. Pasta

Whether it's pesto pasta, cheesy pasta, or just plain, carbs seems to always be the answer. Eating something as filling and hearty as pasta will hopefully help soak up some of the regret from the night before.

sauce, pasta, penne, tomato, salad, fork, carb, eating
Caroline Ingalls

3. Cheese on Toast

I often favour cheese on toast when i get in at 3:30am after a night out, but that doesn't stop me from eating a second round at 11am. Seeing as cheese on toast can be either a snack, breakfast, or lunch, it doesn't matter what time you wake up!

cheese, waffle, bread
Alex Frank

4. Go On a Walk

Food doesn't always need to be the answer (although it normally is), sometimes just leaving the house for a little stroll can make you feel so much better! As I'm lucky enough to live by the sea I often walk down to the beach to take in some sea air- that always seems to revive me!

water, grass
Ashley Peek

5. Have a Nap

If all else fails take a nap! One of the reasons you feel as bad as you do is probably because you're tired! If you spent all day at uni and prepping for your night out and then spent all night dancing your socks off then you're probably in need of some beauty sleep!

cake, pillow, bed, blanket, sleep, sleeping, nap, napping, girl in bed
Jocelyn Hsu

If you really want my advice I normally do all of these hangover cures (especially the food ones)! Everyone knows that calories don't count when you're hungover! So don't forget to stock up your cupboards for the next time you're not feeling your best.