I love watching cooking videos on Facebook in my down time. Basically, for a college kid, I am more of a middle-aged soccer mom. Because of these videos I have become a pro meal prepper and these are my basic tips for someone wanting to try beginner meal prep recipes.

1.) Section off 1-2 Hours of Your Weekend

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Emma Salters

First, you must make the time to meal prep. Out of your busy weekend, if you condense all those small breaks of wasting time on the internet, you can spend an hour or two meal prepping. To still feel productive, while the food is cooking you can also skim through a reading or watch a documentary while cooking.

#SpoonTip: If you need to include grocery shopping, add an extra hour.

2.) Gather, Sort, and Measure Everything You Need

Kendra Valkema

Be efficient with your time. Spend the first 15 minutes getting yourself settled. Take the time to get the recipes up, start a good playlist or podcast, and the best tip: organize your recipes as to what is best to start first. For example if you are doing breakfasts and burrito bowl lunches, start the rice first.

3.) Make Stuff You Like That Isn't Boring

Karen Nolan

Super healthy recipes are great and all, but if you do not love kale on the daily, you won't want to eat it. You will throw it out, thus wasting your money and time. If you love pizza, make mini healthier pizzas. If you love stir fry, make healthier stir fry. The goal here is to enjoy wholesome food that you love.

4.) Get Cooking!

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Kai Huang

Now that you are all set up and ready to go, start cooking. Do not feel stressed. Just enjoy, sing along to your playlist, and eat a snack while you are at it.

Since you are at the beginner meal prep level, try out some easy, simple, but amazing recipes! You could try using a rotisserie chicken base, which cuts your cooking time down but still adds a healthy bit of protein. I love having easy breakfasts to go on hand, and this list provides many options (my faves are the breakfast burritos).

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Tiare Brown

With the above tips you can fly past the beginner meal prep level and become a master. All you need is dedication, a recipe, some containers, and you are all set. Try these simple, beginner meal prep recipes to get started:

5-Ingredient Quiche Cups

Healthy Turkey Chili

Harrisa Grain Salad