Pomegranates have been a staple in Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East for ages, but they are slowly rising in popularity in the West. From Kylie Jenner's self-proclaimed love of pomegranates to their popularity during New Year's as a good luck charm, no wonder this fruit, once considered exotic in the United States, is the "it" fruit of this decade. If you've just discovered the wonders of pomegranates or want to try new twists on your favorite fruit, check out these 5 healthy ideas for pomegranates.

1. Frozen Yogurt/Sorbet

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Hareena Kaur

If you have a sweet tooth, pomegranates will be your new favorite frozen yogurt topping. While it might not taste great with rocky road or mint chocolate chip, it's amazing on vanilla, Greek yogurt, strawberry, mango, and all citrus fruits, as well as basically all sorbets, especially lemon or citrus sorbets.  For a healthier alternative, top your plain or vanilla Greek Yogurt with pomegranates for a sure win.

2. Salad

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Hareena Kaur

Let's face it, you're probably still trying to do the whole "New Year, new me" thing. And for that, I applaud you. If your resolution is to eat healthier, try adding pomegranate to your salad. You can sprinkle it on top or make a dressing/salsa to amp up the flavor of your salads. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or bland anymore!

3. Oatmeal

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Hareena Kaur

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple, and we all have our favorite toppings. If you're looking to boost your oatmeal to start off the morning strong, look no further – add pomegranate arils to your oatmeal! If cooking on a stove, add the pomegranate at the end to let it sit and absorb flavor. If cooking in the microwave, heat an extra 5-10 seconds to incorporate the fruitiness in the oatmeal. Your breakfast will burst with flavor and your taste buds will thank you.

4. Lemonade

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Hareena Kaur

Flavored lemonade is big right now, including citrus, watermelon, and berry lemonade. If you're into this trend, take it to it another level with pomegranate lemonade. This recipe is simple, easy, and perfect for the summer. The tangy yet sweet flavor of the pomegranate pairs really well with the sweet yet sour notes of the lemonade. If you're looking for something with more of a twist, try this spiked version.

5. Crostini

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Hareena Kaur

Appetizers are the way to go if you want to test new, more sophisticated recipes in a low-pressure way. Crostini are popular and favorite finger foods, so impress all your friends with this pomegranate, ricotta, and mint crostini. If you want to go above and beyond, try this pomegranate crostini on homemade bread. Either way, you'll definitely shine at any dinner party or just have a great dinner on a Friday night in.

If you couldn't already tell by now, pomegranates are versatile and can be eaten with a variety of foods. The bright, juicy flavor that they contribute is good by itself but can take other foods up a notch. Don't be intimidated by pomegranate prep, just follow this easy method, and you'll be on your way.