Who knew it would be such a puzzle to seed a pomegranate and release all of the ruby red little juicy gems. It is no joke how difficult it can be and should not be taken lightly. 

juice, sweet, pomegranate
Sami Reinhard

There are so many different techniques, but despite them all, they always seem to leave you dissatisfied with crushed seeds, seeds left behind, unwanted white skin stuff, or juices flying all over your favorite brand new white t-shirt.

Sami Reinhard

I may not have all the answers in life, like why Donald Trump is actually our next president or why a chili pepper is called "chili" when it isn't even cold... but I do have a technique to successfully and quickly deseed your perfect little pomegranate. 

Here's what you'll need

Sami Reinhard

- A knife 

- A bowl of water

- The luscious pomegranate  

- A thwacking device (anything you could use to smack the pomegranate)

- Perseverance 

Step 1

beet, vegetable, sweet
Sami Reinhard

Cut the pomegranate in half and work with one half first. For best results, cut in between the two ends.

Step 2

juice, fig, apple
Sami Reinhard

Hold the cut side down over the bowl of water.

Step 3

Take your thwacker and get thwacking. THWACK a little over there. THWACK a little over here. Turn and THWACK and you will watch all the little gems drop into the bowl. (Any residue will float up to the top of the bowl and you can just scoop it out.) 

Step 4

pomegranate, pasture, sweet, vegetable, berry
Sami Reinhard

Drain out the water and admire the bowl full of red rubies.

From here, your possibilities are endless. Perhaps a pomegranate and pear delight or even pomegranate cocktail. Or, maybe you are more of a spoon-it-right-out-of-the-bowl-into-your-mouth type. We don't judge.